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  1. Duttygal86

    How to Support the Next Nursing Generation: The Z's

    I'm a millenial (1986) an have been an RN for 1 year. I'm not sure if its because I went to school in a very diverse nursing program, or because I went to an HBCU, but on the topic of diversity I have been shocked at how many experienced RNs working the floor are just so unimformed about different cultures. I've seen nurses make different comments without even having enough insight as to how culture effects patient behaviors or family grieving practices. So if these new young nurses are going to be more sensitive and culturally aware I welcome them.
  2. Duttygal86

    Florida BON app timeframe

    So I sat for NCLEX on 6/15 @ 8 AM. My results didn't post on FL BON until the late afternoon on 6/16. So if anyone is wondering sometimes they don't batch out in the morning & also like poster said above for some people there is a glitch and it seems for most license # is up the next day.
  3. Duttygal86

    PVT... Is this the "good pop up"

    Wow so FL license are posting within 24 hours?
  4. Duttygal86

    Nclex -RN

    Just took mine @ 8AM. No math, no ekg, 2 drag&drop (ordered operation) 20+ SATA. No delegation, & A couple of Qs on Leadership type stuff.
  5. Duttygal86

    soo nervous about nclex, need some guidance

    I thought we are not allowed to "dump" info on the white board like lab values
  6. Duttygal86

    Anyone testing in June?

    I dropped the ATI Virtual Coach as well. She seemed so robotic.
  7. Duttygal86

    Should I reschedule my NCLEX?

    I felt like this yesterday and pushed my test back by 1 more day in a panic. Today I feel more confident. Here is why. Prior to UWORLD I did Ch 1-6 in LaCharity and was averaging 50% I took a break from LaCharity, have been doing UWORLD for 2 weeks straight. 75% percentile 58% overall. -panick ensued. Today I started LaCharity again and I'm now 78%-90% on Ch 7-8! Calm Down. The anxiety seems to come in waves.
  8. Duttygal86

    Florida BON app timeframe

    Ugh. Its taking that long for License to post. Sigh.
  9. Duttygal86

    ATI prep enough for NCLEX?

    I also did ATI for my BSN program. I got a 92%:on the predictor. I'm using UWORLD + LaCharity to study for NCLEX and I prefer it much more.
  10. Duttygal86

    Which questions are closer to the NCLEX?

    I've managed to do 700 + UWORLD questions since 5/24 & thats with a PT job and a 5 month old baby. UWORLD is awesome. I would just buy it and do as many as you can.
  11. Duttygal86

    Am I ready for the NCLEX

    ^^Sounds like you should test TOMORROW. LOL.
  12. Duttygal86

    Just took NCLEX...

    Congrats on having it over with! I wouldn't be embarassed to have it cut off at 90. I will be the 1st in my class to take it as well.
  13. Duttygal86

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    Your 1st post mad me panic because I too noticed a drop off in "UWORLD is sooo awesome" posts between the old NCLEX test plan in 2016 and the new one. Glad to hear that you passed!
  14. Duttygal86

    Waiting for ATT

    F/U incase anyone ever looks this information up. It took about 24 hours from the BON letter until PV sent the ATT
  15. Duttygal86

    Anyone testing in June?

    I test 6/14.