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    Question about Nursing

    Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it! You are all so awesome!
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    Question about Nursing

    Hey All! I wanted to ask for other peoples advice. I Moved home in order to go to Nursing school.(needed assistance with childcare) I got a job in Registration (ER) at the local hospital. I started applying to Nursing schools. I am waiting for responses now. But I am concerned about the things I see in the Nursing field, and am starting to have second thoughts so anywho, heres my issue...... All of the Nurses (RN) that i come in contact with are just plain rude. ( and I am not even referring to their utter disdain for Registraion, they hate us, all we are trying to do is get vital information from patients, and due to EMTALA, we cant do *most* this until after patients have been seen by a PA or DR) In an ER with well over 50 Nurses, I can name two or three that are nice. Most of them are dismissive about patients and lazy. Even when there is almost no patients they still act like they cant be bothered. Some of them rush through their work with patients to get back to the Nurses station and gossip. No one ever smiles. I can understand being inpatient or even rude when the ER is busy, but.....sometimes were slow....and they are still the same. I am not the only one who feels like this, the main sorce of conversation in Registration is how nasty the nurses are. On the other hand all of the Techs and Parametics are really nice. My question: Is it like this in all Emergency Rooms, is it just the nature of Emergency Rooms? Would things be different in a different setting? ( I want to work in Psych or L&D anyways) I would appreciate any replies, thanks!
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    LPN pay in Orlando

    Just a question, what are entry level LPN's making in the Orlando area for LTC? If anyone knows what the pay is like in Lake County i would appreciate that too, as I might move back home (to LC) after I finish PN school. I know some of the prisons/county jails hire LPN's at 17-19 hr, but I have never read anywhere what the LTC rate of pay is.
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    LPN pay in Orlando

    oh I grew up in Eustis! The 33rd street jail, is reallly on John Young Parkway in Orlando. You need to go to orangecountyflorida.net
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    LPN pay in Orlando

    thanks for the reply, did you try the jail on 33rd street? I think they start off at 19.00, try the state website for LPN jobs in jails, ect
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    LPN pay in Orlando

    ok if anyone has a guestimate....lol I would apreciate it
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    Schools that are not as hard to get into

    Where are you at in Florida? And where do you want to go to in NC/SC?
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    LPN's as Triage Nurses?

    I work in the ER in Registration,we have a mix of LPN and RN, I am not sure if the Triage nurses are LPN or RN. Alot of hospitals are hiring LPN's but calling them something else...ie. tech this or tech that.
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    TECO, Kissimmee TABE test

    I am at VCC in Orlando this semester and I am retaking pre algebra...I hope to be in the LPN program in January (at TECO) but I have some questions regarding the TABE....it says you have to pass 12th grade math, but the examples shown in the information packet are PRE-Algebra type math problems....I am so confused. Finally, I think I have the Pre Algebra stuff down, but isint 12th grade math like way harder? If anyone who has taken the TABE could give me an exampe of the problems on the TABE (math) I would appreciate it.