Failed 7th time NCLEX RN. Am I a really a failure? - page 7

Hello everyone, I took my exam on 9th. I came home and pop up didn't work, I had put a post here and was suggested to wait for official results. I got them today and it said I failed yet again! I... Read More

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    we can do this! may i know if what state are u in? because i falied 3 times in FL and they are requiring me to take remedial. just wondering if what did you do in your case?
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    The only thing i can say is...take your 8th exam as it is your first. If u think of your 7 failures while you are taking your 8th exam, it will make your score worse. I know it's not easy. I also failed in my first. Relax your mind before the exam. Study harder and pray harder instead of asking what went wrong with your 7 attempts.

    God bless you.

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