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jayjaybsnrn has 9 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Nephrology.

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  1. jayjaybsnrn

    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    Well, go work in Afghanistan then.
  2. jayjaybsnrn

    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    TraumaRUS, what setting are you working?
  3. jayjaybsnrn

    Did anyone do their own CAQH profile if so how hard was it?

    No, this should be the employer's responsibility.
  4. jayjaybsnrn

    "FNPs can do anything"

    Correctme if I amwrong. I am also new tothis and currently in FNP program. But this is what consensus model is all about right?
  5. jayjaybsnrn

    Bsn programs are harder than Adn

    Did somebody think that a higher education is easier? Really? Try doctorate also it might be easier than ADN.
  6. jayjaybsnrn

    Is this normal for a novice RN?

    Thats like nursing home n-p ratio.
  7. jayjaybsnrn

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Thank you, I apppreciate it!
  8. jayjaybsnrn

    South University FNP MSN program???

    JMHanna can you PM it to me too? Thanks!
  9. jayjaybsnrn

    Relocating to Naples, FL

    Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post. My wife and I used to travel a lot mostly inside FL. We fell inlove with Naples so we are going to settle over there. Any thoughts in working with NCH for full time? Pay? Benefits? PTOs? Coworkers? They are offering me TCU job which is a new department for them that will just going to open this Aug. 2015. Thoughts will surely be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. jayjaybsnrn

    Potassium baths- dialysate

    Im with you on that one. Acute dialysis can be aggressive with baths, but not enough pulling of fluids though. Chronic have to be slow cooking type of treatment that needs to be good in the end.
  11. jayjaybsnrn

    Potassium baths- dialysate

    I have never seen a patient or order that is 0 K. That will make pts complain of severe cramping and worst case scenario, dysrrhythmias. Nephrologist nowadays never use potassium free bath. In our clinic the standard bath is 2K for patient who has stable potassium or within normal range. 1K bath for those who has >5.0 K+ 3K bath for thosw who has It doesnt mean if the pt has serum K+ of 3.0 and has a bath of 3K will not elevate the pt's serum K+, 3K bath is a very potent potassium and can increase pt's K+ immensely.
  12. jayjaybsnrn

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Oh it is good! I was kinda skeptical at first becasue I never do online and thinking it will going to suck, but it is really good. They will keep you on track, help you out if you have problems. You can send me a message here privately if you want.
  13. jayjaybsnrn

    South University FNP MSN program???

    I am currently taking SU's FNP. They want you to finish the first course by taking one course only, once your done with the first one you can tell them that you want to take 2 classes at a time.
  14. jayjaybsnrn

    2015 Rn pay per hour

    That really depends on your negotiation skills. If you aree risky you can get what you want or you can lose what's the best offer. Im having $29/hr in a rural area with one year experience here in US but I have 2 years out of the country.
  15. jayjaybsnrn

    Win $100! May 2015 Caption Contest

    There goes another nurse running away from his job!
  16. jayjaybsnrn

    Proper Documentation

    She just dont want to admit that she assessed the patient wrong.