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hi everyone, :wavey: this may sound like an odd question, but i've read that your 6hrs includes the computer tutorial before the exam begins. my question for those of you who have taken it is, did you need that... Read More

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Because, if you read the tutorial, it will only waste three to four minutes of your time at the most. In my opinion, you might as well read the tutorial.
    Well, I DID read the tutorial, and when I saw it for the first time on the Pearson site, it took me eleven minutes to go through it. Clearly I spent much more time on it than did others, but I tend to be overly thorough! So, based on that, I would NOT recommend someone to go in without having seen that tutorial first if it can be helped.

    I didn't need that eleven minutes, but certainly others (who have run out of time before finishing) sure did.

    Still say to use the resource Pearson is handing you free and get very familiar with the setup ahead of time. Then you can either do it all again at test-time if you want, or blow through it in a minute. Your choice at their point, not theirs.

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    I read the tutorial - I was paranoid that they'd switch soe rules or something at the last minute

    Took me just about 2 minutes anyway

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