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Best NCLEX PN Review Book? - page 2

Hello Everyone! I will be completing my LPN course in three weeks, and want to know which book is best to purchase for the review. Currently, I have Mosby's and Saunders, but from what I have... Read More

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    Hi guy's,

    I took the PN-nclex in June 2008 and failed. I am stressed out, depressed and not sure what to study or how to study. My lively hood depends on me passing the NCLEX-PN retake. I do not know what to do anymore. When I first took the test I was confident and positive that I had done a good job. Since I discovered my score I am home sitting around beating myself up and I don't feel like I have made any progress with my life or my studies. Please, can someone give my some advice about how to study, what is the best studying guide. I am presently using EXAM CRAM and Suanders. I answer the practice questions and I still only get 65%, sometime a 70%. My 45 days will be over on the 19th of July and then I have to schedule my re-take ASAP so that I can find a job.(my mortgage depends on it). Please, Please, any suggestions are welcome. I am desperate.

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    since you have taken the nclex-pn, can you remember what on the test you had problems with?

    I remember my instructor saying the more questions you do the better off you are. Please remember to read the rationale as to why the answer is correct or incorrect.

    Remember the think ABC's, Maslows, what is the question asking you? Please remember not to think what if? The question has everything you need to know in regards to aswering it. Remember in the NCLEX hospital questions you have everything you need, enough staff, supplies, and you are only worried about that one patient, unless the question is one about prioritizing.

    Remember to review your labs, what is the norm and not., review your math, review meds, (if you don't know what the med is, remember what system is being treated on that patient, then try to breakdown a key part in what the name of the med)

    Best of luck, hope this helps a bit.
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    which did u find to be the best?? cause ive only been using nclex incredibly easy and ive been gettin like 50% -65% and my nclex-pn is in 2 days.
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    Quote from cmartinez188
    which did u find to be the best?? cause ive only been using nclex incredibly easy and ive been gettin like 50% -65% and my nclex-pn is in 2 days.
    What a blast from the past!

    I'd still say that Saunders was the best one I found for both my LPN and RN. I always thought the Nursing Made Easy series while very helpful if I needed the quick and dirty were just kind of, well...Easy.
    Good luck.
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    Hi everyone, please i need help from any one who knows the best drug book i can buy for my Nclex-PN. I need to write the exam in 2 months time.
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    Quote from Amyluvli
    Hi everyone, please i need help from any one who knows the best drug book i can buy for my Nclex-PN. I need to write the exam in 2 months time.
    Start with your pharmacology text from school.
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    Thanks. I think the ones used in schools are too bulky. I need a concise one.
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    The OP posted this three years ago. Anyway I bought mosby's pn so hopefully it'll work. I haven't started questions from that particular book though, I've been using the nclex RN, but i do think I need to start using the pn nclex books.
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    Most of the time people post to old threads because they don't know how to start a new thread or they don't see the need to start thread after thread on the same subject. Hope that amyluvli finds a good book for her purposes.
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    I purchased Kaplan, REAs Interactive flashcards, Saunders, Meds, etc. Now of course I didn't use all of them 2gether but I mostly focused with Kaplans & Saunders. I even used 4 different CDs. You probably don't want to overprepare like I did cause I failed the exam twice!!! I'm extremely saddened by this b/c I did awesome in skool. 3.8 gpa. Not only was I book smart but clinical smart too. The nurses @ my facility would quiz and we would all take quizzes 2gether, I always had da highest score. I seriously thought I was ready. The first time I took the exam I got 85 questions while the 2nd time, I got 205. (Don't believe the statistics, cause none of them are true). I going bck to take it in 30 days and I must say I'm not planning on studying. You just can't get to worked up about these things. The world still turns whether u pass or fail. I sincerely wish you the best. Go there with confidence, you got this!!!
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    Moved to the NCLEX Discussion forum.
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    Don De Dieu,thanks for your message. I bought the two books- Kaplan and Saunders and i am finding them interesting.
    I am sorry for what has been happening to you concerning the exam. Well just keep trying and be positive minded. It will happen like a miracle. I wish you all the best too!
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    Exam cram and saunders are best. Even if u finish saunder book thats enough for u,