Anyone do the kaplan, hurst REVIEW and failed?

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    Has anyone taken one of those 200-400 dollar review courses online or in a classroom and ended up failing the nclex? I'm referring to Kaplan, and hurst, and ATI. I'm just wondering if there is a 100% pass rate after taking these classes. I believe you get a refund if you fail and you can retake the class, or you can get a refund and just try something else. Is this true?

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    If you failed NCLEX the first time, and then take anything with Kaplan, they won't give you your money back if you fail again. It's only if you are preparing for the first try. I don't know about Hurst's or ATI policies.
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    Oh really i didnt know this. Maybe I will just take the review course first then.
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    Kaplan has a money back guarantee if you are a first time test taker. But, you have to follow their plan, if doing it on-line, review all the videos, tests, etc. If doing the in-class route, you must attend all the classes, take all the tests. if you do all that and still fail, they will either refund your money or allow you to take the class again "for free". I did Kaplan along with Feuer nursing review and passed on the first time with about 83 or 84 questions. I studierd very hard, and reviewed and took about 4000+ questions before I sat for the exam.

    I did know of one person who failed at 75 questions and had done Kaplan, they allowed her to take the class again, which she did and she actually followed more closely their review, and passed at 75
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    When i was still in school, it was mandatory for us to purchase ATI books/reviewers. since it was ordered through the school we were supposed to recieve free DVD's(which i never recieved.)the whole set cost me and my fellow classmates a good $300 or so and that was already discounted. we had a guest speaker from ATI who had come into our school and spoke about how wonderful ati was. they said it also was design to help us during school (which never happend). to make my long story short. i ended up failing the nclex in june, now those books are sittin in my garage and im in search for a good review course. im also using saunders right now.. anyway i wouldnt recommend ATI ....
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    One of the big keys to NCLEX preparation is the dedication of the individual that is preparing. Whether you use a review book, CD's, or a review class, you've got to put some solid effort into it. There's nothing magical about a Kaplan review - the information isn't going to osmose into your brain just by walking in the classroom. That's what makes it hard to compare the review course experiences of different people.
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    The Hurst review course was an intense few days but pays off. I passed on my first try. To my knowledge everyone in our review class passed on first try. They say that if a person fails you can retake the course for free and will help to figure out what went wrong. I wish I had taken this NCLEX review course at the beginning of my nursing experience, not just at the end, because it offers a lot of insight into the concepts of many test questions (school or standardized).
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    I have taken Kaplan 2x and used it again the 2 and failed they only refund you if you don't pass the first time and now Im using suzanne plan using just one book and cd and her plan is free. Check out the sticky at the top of the thread New revised first tip of Suzanne plan.
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    I Took the kaplan review course and I passed with 114 questions. I would reccomend it to anyone.. its such a small investment when you look at the big picture. It helped me IMMENSELY!!!!

    I graduated froms chool and then right away I had a bunion removed so I was on crutches for 10 weeks which didn't allow me to owkr. So i would do practice questions.... 100-150 almost every day. But i ALSO had a life too!!! i would go out with my friends at least once a week to keep me sane. But I think Kaplan helped me IMMENSELY!!!
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    I took Kaplan and failed so your not the only one. Dont know what to do or how to approach the next test.

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