6 year post graduate. 1st attempt fail 75q. 2nd try pass 75q - page 3

Its official! I pass! Im a Register Nurse!! Its feels really good. Thank you Heavenly Father, allnurses, all the awesome people I met here. My source: Kaplan Qt and Qbank: way harder then the actual Nclex but was helpful, it... Read More

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    congrats, you did it!!!! You worked so hard and now you can bask in your success!

    I feel you on so many levels, I have a small child with little help, almost zero financial resources aside from government help, nowhere to study... But I push hard, I wake up early to go study at school, spend countless hours at Starbucks to study (I even bring my daughter!). Its rough. but I'm almost there. 10 more months of school, I can taste the victory that will come in the end.

    If you REALLY want the letters RN after your name, nothing can stop you!
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    Congratulations! Way to fight for it. I feel your pain - I taught full time while I was in nursing school, raising four kids with little help. Study time was a rare commodity.

    McDonalds was my best friend. I'd go buy a cup of coffee and some french fries for the kids, turn them loose in the play place, and get cracking on the books. My kids kind of miss me being in school now.
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks! Its been a long journey for me. Its time for a new chapter. I now know that nothing is impossible esp if theres determination and God by my side.

    SCSTxRN kids are so precious.
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    Congratulation...wow u did it!!! Happy for u...
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    God Bless You I am only taking pre-requisits. This is the beginning of your journey. You;ll be fine. congratz
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    I'm so happy for you kabayan ! I hear what you saying.. Now it's pay off and get ready for Using the two initials after your name. Congratulations ! Soon gonna get mine too (I need your prayers&#128532
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    Thank you !

    Aongroup1990 . You are only on your pre-requisits yet your on this website, it just goes to show how much interested you are. I have a feeling that you will do great!

    ebonyRN_23 Hi kabayan! I would like to thank you for the support you have given me . Dont worry I continue to include you in my prayers. Till the very last second before the test I doubt myself feeling so unsure but when I started seeing the questions that feeling went away. I realize wow the test is so much easier than kaplan. Just keep reviewing and don't forget to go back on the contents that you feel your weak at.
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    Hi there kabayan, congratulations! I just took my NCLEX today (NJ), wondering if you ever tried this Pearson Vue trick. I want to believe its real. I had 75 question too, and I don't know. I did Hurst, with NCSBN, I read La Charity and Saunders book. Did Saunders Q/A too. Went to Hurst right after graduation (May 2012), but the NJBON took 10 weeks to process my ATT so i ended up doing all those other reviews.

    Have you ever tried this Pearson Vue trick? Did it let you re-register when you took your NCLEX the first time?

    Please let me know. I am dying here, can't wait for the result :-(

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    NurseMaricel Sounds like you did everything you could for review. Yes PVT worked for me. Its hard to believe it until you see your results. I say do something like maybe watch a movie or spa while your waiting. I had to clean and catch up with my house chores to keep me busy.

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