1-1-13 starting to prepare for NCLEX ....Join me and lets encourage each other! 1-1-13 starting to prepare for NCLEX ....Join me and lets encourage each other! - pg.6 | allnurses

1-1-13 starting to prepare for NCLEX ....Join me and lets encourage each other! - page 6

I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN! I needed to get my two children on track with homeschool before I focused on NCLEX preparations. 6 months later and the time has come! I will formally begin... Read More

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    Hi all,
    Good to see people motivating each other. Just wanted to share my experience of passing NCLEX-RN with the least amount preparation anyone could have had. I am currently doing my MSN in India and will be moving soon with my husband to Texas. I passed NCLEX-Rn on Dec 3rd.. and was one of the most beautiful days in my life. All my thanks goes to the 4 weeks review course provided by NCSBN. I dont see many of them sharing or exploring this. So thought its worth sharing. I swear, I never had time to do more than 20 practice question a day amidst all my Master's thesis work. I went through the Kaplan, and Saunders.. and found that this wasn't going to help me such short time. And God's grace some one told me about this 4, 6 and 8 weeks online review available from the NCSBN's site. I completed the 4 weeks review. To my surprise when sitting in front of the computer for my test.. (frozen hands and legs of course), what I found was the questions were all kinda familiar to me. My test got over with 75 questions and in 48 hours time and I got my results.. yayyy.... Awaiting to come to my husband to start my career... This is worth exploring guys. NCSBN 4 weeks review.
    Hope this will be useful for all..
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    Try the 4 weeks online review from the NCSBN. should be helpful. That is what helped me. Was the most similar to the actual pattern of NCLEX. its cheap too. that is what made me pas amidst by busy hours of Masters in India.
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    Quote from PatriciaMartinez
    did you find Saunders helpful?
    Saunders is helpful. Just to review the subjects... But none of the questions I faced in the test were anywhere close to the practice questions I tried with Saunders. But to enhance your nursing knowledge Saunder's is perfect.
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    @debraanne I to graduated in may if 2012. At the time I was going through a lot. I have gotten through the turmoil and finally ready to get down to business. Also I graduated with honors. If u want to help and motivate one another e-mail me parisginyard@gmail.com
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    Hi everyone, good luck to you all . Keep in mind that no matter how much you study you will never feel prepared for an exam like the nclex . I tested a year after graduating and passed first time with 75questions . I took about a month and half to prepare I read Saunders Comprehensive review , yes the entire book and completed all of Kaplans Qbanks ...did about a total of 2700questions . There's is also a study guide around here I used on days before testing and most importantly praying when I felt like giving up ...thank you God for giving me the strength .. Will keep you guys in my prayers ..Gluck
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    Quote from vinsmuffin
    But none of the questions I faced in the test were anywhere close to the practice questions I tried with Saunders.
    hmmm. interesting. why do you say that? harder/easier/not even relevant?
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    Thanks so much for your encouraging words!!
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    Im back, finally! Feeling much better. Already studied for 4 hours. Pediatric chapter 36 in Saunder and Case Study #19 in PDA second edition.

    Happy Studying everyone....time is ticking!!! Focus and lets do this!
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    hi everyone.... from last 5 dayz m not able to study as i lost my grandpa... now he is no more with us. m missing him a lot.... m trying to come back to study.... guys can u tell me or give me the link of study guide... my email is kaurkomal204@ymail.com
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    Sorry to hear about your grandpa gkbaby...sent you a study guide link in a private message. Guys...my NCLEX is TOMORROW I am trying to remain calm and tell myself I have been working hard for this for a very long time but I have to admit I am still SO NERVOUS! My fear is I will sit down and look at my first question and draw a blank to everything I know! Terrible, right?! UGHHH!
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    HI katielady gud luck for your exam... hope u will pass and will start your life as a RN
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    Good luck @katielady!!! Take your time, you're ready for this! Let us know how it is!
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    2 weeks till my NCLEX date and I have officially started studying for it. Did some Kaplan, Prep-U, and NCSBN questions. I haven't really started too much content review per say, but have the HESI-RN book for that.