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Our school encourages the use of electronics and skyscape but it is optional. Before I drop $600, I would like to know if the tablets are handy in a school setting? Thanks.... Read More

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    I have an Ipad with a keyboard. All of my nursing books came in electronic form, so I was able to load all of them onto my ipad... LOVED that I never had to carry around all of those books. I am fortunate enough to have a laptop as well. I used my laptop much more than my Ipad. Keep in mind that there are programs that cannot be used on a tablet.. such as microsoft word and flash player.

    If you can find an inexpensive tablet it will come in handy in addition to a laptop, but I would not recommend using a tablet only.
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    You can get an iPad 2 refurbished at GameStop for around 360$. I got one and it looks and runs exactly like a new one does. I absolutely love it! It's so light compared to my laptop!
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    Flash player can now be used on iPad with Photon app.
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    Tablets are definitely more portable in less space then a laptop. I wish I had bought one when in school - after my laptop and books, wasn't much room for anything else!
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    I would def recommend it. I'm able to take notes and record audio during class lecture on my iPad. 👍👍
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    Good day:

    While I have an Ipad Air, our school bookstore is really pushing Asus MeMO Pad 7. At $170 it appears to be a great deal. Thoughts?

    Thank you.

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