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  1. Agencies

    I appreciate the responses!!
  2. Agencies

    Hi all! I am starting to think about travel nursing. As I browse different agencies I realize there are a million lol. I would like to know who you guys travel with and pros and cons of your agency. Thanks!
  3. CEN Study Material

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  4. CEN Study Material

    I have almost a year of ED experience
  5. CEN Study Material

    I'm looking at getting a couple certifications pertaining to the emergency room, one being the CEN. What is the best study material out there for this cert.? All suggestions welcomed! :)
  6. You will already have a BP before meds are ever ordered. The first thing done when a pt. comes back to the room is hooking them up to the monitors. As far as a BMP, labs take up to an hour to result even when they are stat, so we usually don't wait u...
  7. How soon did you test?

    I studied for close to a month before taking NCLEX. I believe I graduated May 9th and Tested June 6th.
  8. Is there a time limit on taking the NCLEX

    I think you can take it up to 4-5 times. Don't quote me on that though.
  9. ER Nurse Advice Needed

    go through a residency program
  10. Orientation for experienced ED nurse?

    10-12 weeks
  11. Kaplan Qbank vs Focused review tests

    Doing both won't hurt. I think I did almost every qbank question and it helped tremendously when it came time for me to test!
  12. Is age just a number?

    I would agree. I see it too often. People go back to school with less than a year of experience in a lot of cases
  13. Is age just a number?

    Age is absolutely just a number. I actually have a friend that got into a DNP program before even graduating from undergrad surprisingly. She is 23 with only a year of nursing experience under her belt. I say go for it!
  14. Thoughts of an ER Tech

    I just want to say thank you for doing what you do. I am an ER nurse and have the utmost respect for my ED techs. Where i work, ED techs play a HUGE roll! I can't thank you all enough for the IV starts and EKG completions before I even make it to the...
  15. New ER RN- Normal to feel this way?