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    I appreciate the responses!!
  2. FL_Nurse92


    Hi all! I am starting to think about travel nursing. As I browse different agencies I realize there are a million lol. I would like to know who you guys travel with and pros and cons of your agency. Thanks!
  3. You will already have a BP before meds are ever ordered. The first thing done when a pt. comes back to the room is hooking them up to the monitors. As far as a BMP, labs take up to an hour to result even when they are stat, so we usually don't wait unless ordered by the Dr.
  4. FL_Nurse92

    How soon did you test?

    I studied for close to a month before taking NCLEX. I believe I graduated May 9th and Tested June 6th.
  5. FL_Nurse92

    Is there a time limit on taking the NCLEX

    I think you can take it up to 4-5 times. Don't quote me on that though.
  6. FL_Nurse92

    ER Nurse Advice Needed

    go through a residency program
  7. FL_Nurse92

    Orientation for experienced ED nurse?

    10-12 weeks
  8. FL_Nurse92

    Kaplan Qbank vs Focused review tests

    Doing both won't hurt. I think I did almost every qbank question and it helped tremendously when it came time for me to test!
  9. FL_Nurse92

    Is age just a number?

    I would agree. I see it too often. People go back to school with less than a year of experience in a lot of cases
  10. FL_Nurse92

    Is age just a number?

    Age is absolutely just a number. I actually have a friend that got into a DNP program before even graduating from undergrad surprisingly. She is 23 with only a year of nursing experience under her belt. I say go for it!
  11. FL_Nurse92

    Thoughts of an ER Tech

    I just want to say thank you for doing what you do. I am an ER nurse and have the utmost respect for my ED techs. Where i work, ED techs play a HUGE roll! I can't thank you all enough for the IV starts and EKG completions before I even make it to the room. Thank you for running to the lab when the tube system is down. When I was a PCU nurse, during codes our techs would run the opposite direction. ED techs run into the room to start compressions and lines. Again, I can't thank you enough?
  12. FL_Nurse92

    New ER RN- Normal to feel this way?

  13. FL_Nurse92

    New ER RN- Normal to feel this way?

    I am also new to the ER, I have 3 more weeks of orientation. Previously I was on a progressive care unit (ICU step down) for about a year and a half. Our ER nurse to patient ratio is 1:3-1:4. I couldn't imagine having 6 patients at a time to be honest.
  14. FL_Nurse92

    Start career with CNA

    It's not a terrible idea, but at the same time it's not exactly necessary. I don't advise anyone to work during nursing school if they don't have to and as far as being a cna, its really not going to compare at all with being a nurse. I mean it will give you that inside look at what nurses do. But if that is what you would like to do, by all means go for it! I have many friends that started as a CNA.
  15. FL_Nurse92

    New grad residencies winter 2017

    I have two friends in Houston that both with though the residency program at Chi St. Lukes Health. One went with the emergency room route the other with the ICU route. They both loved it. You should check into it.
  16. FL_Nurse92

    Isolation Precautions

    Where I work, it is just the mask....I wear gloves regardless of isolation precautions and sometimes even a surgical mask.