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I live in KC and graduated from an ADN program at the beginning of May. I have been proactively looking for new grad openings as well as entry level RN positions. I have applied to at least 20+ jobs with no call backs!!! I'm... Read More

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    I'm in an ADN program in KC and work for a large hospital in the area, a girl from HR told me that May grads have a harder time and wait the longest for positions because all nursing programs graduate in May and the market is flooded. The grads that graduate in December seem to get jobs a lot quicker, it will happen, you may just have to wait a few months! I know you have probably tried all hospitals but on HCA's website on the last page of jobs there is a post that says HIRING NEW GRADS and you apply under that post. I don't know how many new grads get hired through that but just a thought if you hadn't already seen it.

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