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Chamberlain St Louis



After looking Chamberlain up, I realize some people are against the school for various reasons.

I have a bachelor degree already and am against going to STLCC (I have not had the best experience there).

I have looked Chamberlain up and feel it is an OK option for my personal needs, but does it transfer to any other schools or would I have to continue with Chamberlain? I would like to keep going with my education after earning my BSN and don't want to attend Chamberlain if the degree will not be accepted anywhere else in the US.

If it will not transfer, do you know of any other options similar to Chamberlain (that will transfer)?

I like the idea of no waiting list and direct entry into a program.

I am in the STL area, but will consider elsewhere in Missouri for the right program.


BeccaznRN, RN

Specializes in NICU, High-Risk L&D, IBCLC. Has 14 years experience.

I think it would depend on what school you're looking to continue with, but Chamberlain credits will have a higher risk of not being accepted at other schools (besides Chamberlain or other for-profits).

Have you considered accelerated BSN programs at state universities? I know UMSL has one, albeit with some time on a wait list. My best advice - there's usually a reason behind schools that don't have a waiting list. It's up to you to do your research and find out why.