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  1. Do every hospitals use pointing system for absences and tardiness? If employee get more than the maximum points like 6 a year, he or she will get fire? I know there are people who abuse the sick time or tardiness, but why on earth an employer wants a sick nurse around sick patients? Idt it is safe for both parties.
  2. Candyn

    RNs leaving Nursing?

    Have you been looking for hospital job? Since you like nursing, maybe continue to look for job while working as your current job for cash?
  3. Candyn

    Teaching hospital vs regular hospital for new grad?

    I work as a teaching hospital and it is not true that nurses will lose skills. Think about it, dr skills are different than nurses' skills.I personally like started as teaching hospital because I have residents available in the hospital all the times...even at night...instead of having to worry about calling dr when they sleep. It is easier to have them come to see your pts too
  4. Candyn


    Yup protect yourself and your patient
  5. Candyn

    Gre score

    I just took my gre today for practice and my score is 147 for verbal and 152 for math. Are these scores pretty bad to get into CRNA school?
  6. Candyn

    Is this normal or am I asking for too much?

    I am sorry to hear that
  7. Candyn

    VCU CRNA 2013

    Missnurse, To my understanding from your post, you got into CRNA program? Congrat to you both:)
  8. Candyn

    Discouraged new grad in orientation hell.

    I am 2-3 months off orientation and my advice is enjoy your time on orientation. There is someone who check your charting for you, check your patients and always there for questions...how awesome is that????
  9. Candyn

    A change in EKG

    Unfortunately my unit does not have protocol for rhythm change. I agree, I need to use my charge nurse more. Rather be safe then sorry. Sometimes I get too focused about pt crashing that I forgot about resources...which is no good!!!
  10. Candyn

    A change in EKG

    Thank a lot for your responses.What rhythm is K/mg imbalance associated with? I have not have a doc ask me to draw a K/Mg stat or maybe not too urgent that they just wait til morning lab?
  11. Candyn

    A change in EKG

    We rarely have cardiZem drips. If we do mostly is for stable hypertension crisis. For afib with uncontrollable hr, they will go to ICU.What to do if pt unable to report whether they are light headed or dizziness? I took this patient BP every 30 minutes. patient BP was mid 90 but no change when pt hr was 60+.
  12. Candyn

    A change in EKG

    His Hr went up to 130 for few seconds and down, beside that hr mostly below 100. He was in and out of afib. How do you assess patient whether pt is symptomatic (dizzy and light headache) if pt is confused?
  13. Candyn

    A change in EKG

    I work night shift and sometimes I have patient with a change in cardiac rhythm such as afib or Brady down to 40. For afib, I called doctor and stat EKG was ordered. Nothing else was done since pt BP was 120+ and asymptomatic. For Brady, pt BP was 96+ but that has been pt BP since she was admitted and also asymptomatic. People kept asking me about it when alarm went off. My question is what else can I do for patient with change in cardiac rhythm? I know for afib, If diagnosed, pt will be on aspirin but that will not happen at night and immediately and if patient is stable. Same for brady.What stressed me out was I had to take care of pts and monitor tech started to stress me out by keep talking to other nurses and then I had to explain it to them the situation or none-nurse staffs and what I got from them is "I am not doctor." I am new grad, it already stressful enough to take care of patients with these situation as I am scared they will go unstable, yet dealing with others and their questioning make me second guess myself and become doubting myself.
  14. I love grumpy old men yet when you get to know them. They are hilarious too.I have borderline personality patient. Did not get to chart anything and ended up staying 2 hours after. Really do not mind but then what irritates me is when I think back what I did for the whole shift that I stayed very busy...nothing beside brushing hair, bathing and scratching.Another type of patient I hate is the ones who cry out loud why this happened to me, yet they are positive for every kind of drugs and alcohol you can think of. Patients need to know we test for drugs and alcohol.
  15. Candyn

    Nurses Calling Patients "Jerks"

    I personally do not see anything wrong with nurses saying bad but relevant stuffs about patients. I meant I can listen to it and choose to trust it or not when I come in and interact with patients, however at least I know what I will walk into. I rather over prepared than under prepared. Trust me, if you have a patient who is manipulative and bad mouth about everything and other nurses you would want to know and chart/cover your a** everytime you are in that room.
  16. I can help too if you wAnt (I am a new nurse btw)