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I am unable to find a job. I was told by a recruiter at the hospital I worked at as a tech, that it was decided I was to work at a nursing home. I dont know who decided this and if it is even legal. I am almost positive that... Read More

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    Quote from expo4u
    I will keep my rn license and:typing:typing:typing will continue to search for employment.
    I think that is a smart choice. Good luck to you!

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    Just because times are hard does not leave you without options. I hear a very frustrated individual that needs to re-evaluate his options and make himself stop letting people determine his path.

    You can't find a job where you live?....move.
    A person told you to give up?...dismiss their inconsiderate remarks and stand up for what you worked so hard for in the first place.

    I hear that you are looking for understanding and consideration but man, you have to be willing to stand up for what rights you one gives you anything for nothing and sometimes you pay with a lot of grief in order to get what you want and needed to function as a human in this world.

    If you don't get a position, ask the hiring manager why you were not chosen. If she said you were destined for nursing home work, ask why. If her requirements can be met with training, sign up. If it is because someone else had more experience, then accept the fact that they may have been better for the job and that THERE is a job out there waiting. BUT don't get up every morning and tell yourself that people think you will amount to nothing, because eventually you will come to think it. For now, do what you can or are already doing to make a living(legal), and work on some introspection to help you understand what may be standing in your way. Job hunting sucks because the longer it takes, the longer it forces you to look at yourself and sort through your strengths and weaknesses. Life gets to you and sometimes people forget what they started it for in the first place. Just hang tough because your day is may just have to bust your a#$ more than others to get it and if so, well just do it. God won't give you more than you can handle and you are going to become a better man because of these struggles.
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