Who HATES the term MURSE?

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    Just checking in with all the hombres...
    Most guys I know are ambivilent to the term, but is there anyone else who just DETESTS being called a murse?
    B in VA
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    Nope, never heard of it till I saw a couple of the guys with it as the screen name or they call themselves it. So guess its pretty acceptable...its kinda cute.
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    I am not a male, but find that term to be no worse than using 'nurse' for a man. If you don't like it, then insist that people use the term you are comfortable with.
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    Quote from Cherish
    Nope, never heard of it till I saw a couple of the guys with it as the screen name or they call themselves it. So guess its pretty acceptable...its kinda cute.

    Would have registered it myself... but all imaginable combinations were already taken...
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    I don't really mind murse but then again I've never really seen it used before except on this board so... I will say one thing that ****** me off is when some lady who is a customer I have known for a while asked me "if I finished getting my male nurse degree yet" and I have to admit I was pretty annoyed with that like you have to get some kind of special nursing degree because your a man. Its just very annoying and I couldn't even say anything about it. :angryfire
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    Yeah...you could say the male nursing degree is waaaay harder than a regular degree...it's got drinking exams, shooting stuff, practicums at hockey games, fixing things....now THAT"S a course I'd enrol in!

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    i dont hate it and want it as my vanity license plate on my vette. cant do it yet because im still in school and not an RN yet. might go ahead and buy it so no one else takes it tho......flame suit on....
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    this is the first time i heard of the term. i do not really see anything wrong with it unless it is used in a derogatory fashion. names and labels are used for identification, not name-calling or stereotyping. just my thought on the thread..
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    I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to the term. I refer to myself as a "murse" on occasion, but mostly only around other "murses" or people who remember the episode of Scrubs when J.D. used the term to describe Elliot's boyfriend. However, I have run into a few occasions where it's been used in a derogatory manner, mostly by hypermasculine guys who've gotten a bit over-beveraged and feel the need to compensate for having a lap pinky by belittling anyone who doesn't fit their definition of a "man." In those instances, I HATE the term.

    Mike in Michigan
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    i don't mind the term, but it drives my dh up the wall. "i'm a registered nurse," he says, "not a "murse"". and then he adds a few choice words about the term "murse."

    our unit has about 60% female nurses, 1 in transition and you figure out the rest. they have "murse" days where they all wear their camo scrubs, and they have "murse parties" where they try to drink each other under the table.

    as far as the manliness factor -- dh is also a martial arts instructor so no one with a brain would think of challenging his manliness! one cardiology resident who tried got kicked in the head for his sheer gall. (they took it to the gym, so i figure the resident asked for it or at least knew it was a possibility.)
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