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What are your thoughts on patients who request no male nurses taking care of them?... Read More

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    Zieglarf,If you were referring to my response, you're very welcome. I'm glad I could help. Either way, I hope my response helped.

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    There's plenty of patients to go around. Just respect their wishes and move on.
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    Quote from abiklags
    no offense taken. the key word is 'casual'. many great rabbis have said it is forbidden for a jewish man or woman to shake hands with the opposite gender, even if the other party is non-jewish. casual touching that is not medically needed is not allowed.

    when working with male pts, it is medically needed and i am allowed to do my care. the rules of the torah are for us to live by, not to die. if someone's life is in danger, many many rules which are generally kept may be pushed out of the way. for example, childbirth is considered in halacha (jewish law) as life threatening. one is allowed to pick up the phone and call 911, a taxi etc on the sabbath (when these things are forbidden) to get to the hospital. there are still limitations on what one is allowed to do but many things are pushed to the side until the danger has passed.

    these laws are rather intricate and i tried to explain them clearly. if i have not succeeded, ask away. i will gladly answer questions regarding this.

    i actually hated my maternity rotation and did everything but swear i was never going to work there
    and how will you handle working your weekend requirement if it entails working on the sabbath?
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    Quote from ruby vee
    and how will you handle working your weekend requirement if it entails working on the sabbath?
    the halachot (laws) regarding working on sabbath are very complex and require asking a rav (rabbi). as i am neither a rabbi nor is this question applicable to me at this time, i do not have an answer for you. from what i know, i cannot take a job that would require me to plan to break sabbath. if i am at home or in a place that someone's life is in danger, then i can push off the restrictions to a degree. but planning to be mechalel (desecrate) the sabbath in advanced is in a very different category. i believe there was a thread on this vein a number of years ago that i found while roaming around on an a while back
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    "Don't want a male nurse"

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    i dont believe that this is an issue no i am not a rabbi but there is a easy solution work every sunday instead
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    It's a matter of preference, comfort, sometimes religion. Personally, I rather have a male nurse handle my genitals than a woman, if need be... but that's just my comfort level... nothing against women.

    Don't take it personal.
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    I get this request as a CNA all the time. Thinking in terms of the patient mindset, I respect the decision.
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    It's about the patients comfort not your pride. If they're more comfortable with a female, that's fine.
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    I think it should be accommodated. I agree with the poster who said something about them being uncomfortable and less likely to divulge information. I used to go to a doctor's office who often (nearly always) had young medical students or aspiring medical students in the room with us. I hated it. It made me uncomfortable and I was less likely to say certain things.

    To the poster who said she saw a male nurse looking up a female patient's gown, I am horrified at how unprofessional this person must be.

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