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ArgentumRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Surgical,Peds,MBU,LDR.

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  1. ArgentumRN

    Labor and Delivery Certifications

    Hello Everyone.I want to pick your brain and would like to know what certifications are the most useful for a Labor and Delivery nurse. What have you found to be the most useful for ur practice. Any advise?
  2. ArgentumRN

    Where will I have the least amount of contact with men?

    Sorry to hear you are not comfortable around men in general. If you want to work as a nurse you will have to work with them. Coworkers, patients, patients husbands boyfriends, etc. Get counseling and some anxiety medications or forget about working in the hospital. Working from home would be most ideal. The world is not going to change to accommodate to your needs. Good luck. I mean it.
  3. ArgentumRN

    Device to insert misoprostol vaginally

    we use an applicator.
  4. ArgentumRN

    Regions that take male new grads into L/D

    BTW I am a male nurse as well and to everyone I am just a nurse, not a male nurse. Love L&D and I agree with the previous post that L&D is a mix of ICU and ER at time. You will love it. message me and we can get in contact if you want.
  5. ArgentumRN

    Regions that take male new grads into L/D

    Our hospital just hired a male RN. They offered several New Grad training programs for L&D and he is part of that new wave of nurses. Good luck. L&D is a great place to work.
  6. ArgentumRN

    L&D gals

    Hello everyone: I am a dude aswell. In our labor and Delivery unit there is not a "limit" for vaginal deliveries; it is mostly at the discretion of the nurse, but I always ask the patient how many people she wants during labor vs pushing stages. On our PACU just 1 person allowed, but I am a bit more flexible if the patient is stable and if I am the primary nurse. In the OR only one visitor only, unless is an emergency then no visitors... our ratio is 2:1 and depending on the case. All active labor 1:1
  7. ArgentumRN

    Male WHNP/CNM

    Great comments from everyone!. Glad to hear there are other guys out there supporting our moms, their babies and their partners. I strongly agree that it all depends how you present yourself and the level of support you provide your patients with. I am also a male RN working Labor and Delivery with high risk patients and I love it. Nothing beats witnessing a new life taking his/her first breath. Very unique and life changing for sure! I'd say go for it with confidence and passion. You will make a difference.
  8. ArgentumRN

    Men in obstetrics

    Mr Midwife: Thank you for your reply. I am very interested in knowing more about your experience as a nurse/midwife and how you have been accepted over the years. I want to send you my e-mail not sure if you are interested.
  9. ArgentumRN

    Will it be difficult to get hired in L&D as a male?

    I think you should not have a problem getting hired.... unless you are competing with more experienced nurses for the same position... I work L&D and is no problem. Yes, every now and then someone will have a preference for female nurse but you just change assigments and should be ok. Getting some extra training in newborn/maternal health would give you also more experience. ACLS, PALS and NRP would help as well. You should apply for those positions.
  10. ArgentumRN

    Men in obstetrics

    Thank you RunBabyRN for posting.
  11. ArgentumRN

    Men in obstetrics

    Thank you Dancingqueen94!. I already work L&D and is amazing with great families!! I was wondering if anyone worked with male RN's..... search continues..
  12. ArgentumRN

    Men in obstetrics

    Just wondering how many male nurses work in LDR/Post-Partum units. Send me a message/get in contact.
  13. ArgentumRN

    Male Nurses

    The answer is YES. There are afew of us male nurses working Post-Partun and Labor and Delivery. You will do just fine and who knows you might decide to stay, specially is you like the emergent situations that arise without warning... Best of Luck.
  14. ArgentumRN

    Are we tyrants?

    Well said!!!!
  15. ArgentumRN

    Are we tyrants?

    SaoirseRN: You missed the point and the sarcasm that went with it. The basic point is that being territorial does not help anyone... we are suppose to care for these patients as a team and that we dont own these patients... do you see it now? what is the "protective" nurse going to do on his/her day off? you see? just dont forget who is the nurse and who is the family. The "territorial" attitude screams unhealthy behaviour...... The initial post seemed more like the nurse did not like that particular RT at a personal level perhaps not sure...and the RN's way was the only way..... that was the point. Again that is an unhealthy behaviour. It does not matter how much you choose to ignore it or look at it is very unprofesional.
  16. ArgentumRN

    Are we tyrants?

    "So yeah, I claim it as my baby...i'm there to protect them from harm, to get them through the night alive, and to get them home in a few months. I spend hours more time each day, with these babies, than even their parents do" You still dont get it..... now you have more rights that the parents themselves. It does not matter how much good intention you have. By being territorial only produces a barriers among health care professionals. But forget it. I dont expect you to see that either.