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abiklags has 5 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics and Med Surf Float.

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  1. abiklags

    St. Peter's University Hospital Internship

    So happy to have found this thread! I have the pharm test on thursday 5/28 ans super nervous. Any tips of what to focus on for M/S? HR told me I'm looking at a July 6 start date for the M/S float pool and any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. abiklags

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    thank you for your "concern" but I already made my INFORMED decisions for my education. I'm not going to change it now so there is no reason to tell me where to go to school.
  3. abiklags

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    then it must not be obvious to you. I made my decisions based on many factors, and did my own research. Please don't insinuate I am a naive person making decisions based on propaganda and misinformation.
  4. abiklags

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    CC's wanted prereqs I did not want to do before getting my ADN. 2 programs were available and this was the cheaper one and I told you, I chose the college that worked best for me. obviously, those werent it. I dont think I need to explain why I spent to choose more money on my education
  5. abiklags

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    you look a little green. is something wrong?
  6. abiklags

    What was your average/GPA when you got accepted?

    HS cumulative GPA of 3.75, 4.0 on credits earned in HS (while enrolled in Middle College program with local U). got into nursing school on my first shot.
  7. abiklags

    When did you start using NCLEX review books??

    I started in the first semester. ATI was mandatory for all semesters, whether needing a certain amount of hours or proctered assessments. didn't start looking at NCLEX books till the week before graduation during the ATI live review. I also used Kaplan qbank for 3 weeks prior to NCLEX. I passed on the first shot. Except for practice exams on the computer for ATI, I didn't do any nclex style questions. So don't listen to me cuz I obvious did it wrong compared to the rest of the posters
  8. abiklags

    What was the first thing to go?

    1-socail life 2-cleaning 3-sleep I wont give upp doing the dishes. they are my break from studying and i have dirty dishes in the sink my sanity left somewhere between my commute, the notes and lack of sleep. haven't found it since
  9. abiklags

    Loose teeth letter - thought I'd share...

    school nurse for a loose tooth? seriously? My first grade teacher took care of teeth, loose, almost out and bleeding too!
  10. I do not know the policies of the hospitals around me and I don't need to know. I don't smoke. the smell makes me sick. My friend grew up in a smoking house and *likes* the smell. don't ask. I used to tell her to clean her wool coat b/c it absorbed so much odor and it made me cough. I think smoking is slow suicide. My dad used to smoke. he quit in July; I was born in march 3 weeks early. pretty obvious why he quit. he did it cold turkey and he says its the only way to do it and encourages teenagers to quit.
  11. abiklags

    how to ask patient for pain scale score correctly?

    I asked "can you please rate your pain for me? if 0 was no pain and 10 the worst you ever had, where would you put your pain right now?" our clinical site has pain rating charts in each room velcro'ed with other lang's (Mandarin and Russian I think) on it, as well as the Wang-Baker Faces pain scale. I once pulled it off for a mildly demented patient because she could not answer 0-10. She pointed to the appropriate face and I put it back on the wall.
  12. abiklags

    Interview attire and what to bring?

    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know I got a job in a pediatric office. Its a secretarial job but his secretaries work more as medical assistants. its only PT and the pays not great but its exposure. its a 1 dr practice and he knows i'm an RN so he'll show me stuff. how I got the job: I saw his Mrs at a wedding last night and said I heard the Dr was looking for a secretary, is the job still open? she said to call in the AM. I called @ 11, the day secretary said come in @ 1230 and I had the job by 1245. easier interview ever oh and I should mention its only a 6 min walk away from my house. and he's our family pediatrician
  13. abiklags

    Beth Israel 2012/2013 Applicants NYC

    Hi renka, so fundamentals was both hard and easy. I did the trad program and did my A&P's with the nursing courses so I was at a disadvantage of not knowing the A&P. a lot of the information of fundamentals was learning the norms and anatomy of systems, generalities of nursing such as tests associated with different systems, how to assess. there were also lectures on safety, communication, nutrition, fluids and electrolytes as well as some history of nursing in the first lecture. I took 101 2 years ago and since then, one instructor took a NM job elsewhere (yay! we didn't like him anyways) and another is stepping down from full time because her commute was too long (2 hours each way). the professors they have now are good from what I heard around the school. there are a few professors who teach 101 but per AN policy I don't think I can write their names. 101 also has a lab which is a lot of fun. thats the part where you learn hand on skills before doing them in clinicals. 100 online is OK. the professor posted a lesson on moodle (like blackboard) along with the assignment of the week and homework. I found it hard to just learn from the video/ppt and the handouts so I bought the book and it made a great difference for me. there are 2 exams-the midterm and the final. there are also math competency exams before the start of the 201 and 202 in the second level so you do need to keep the knowledge current. the school also offers tutors for all subjects even though I did the trad program, I did the ATOP lecture for 101, 102 and 103 because it fit my schedule better. I loved the atop class and classmates. I wish you lots of luck and feel free to ask more questions
  14. abiklags

    Would Cheat in an Online Course?

    a friend took a blended A&P course. part of the online content were quizzes. they were timed but she has a learning disability and is given extra time. this professor also let his students use open book, open notes and even lets his students call (!) for help. she called me and we spent an hour and a half taking a quiz together. by the end of those 30 questions I was ready to kill the Prof and I wasnt even his student! it was very detailed and we both knew she would have failed that quiz if we didn't do it together. she (well really we) ended up getting the highest mark in the class lol. I think if a prof gives an online unproctored test, students will find a way to use notes/materials unless they are timed and leave very little wiggle room to finish even w/o notes I took blended courses but they only had exams which were proctored on site like any regular course
  15. abiklags

    2 glove technique? HUHH?

    I've never used it but I've seen others do it for messy situations I also know an EMT who double gloves if he gets called to OB calls and has to catch the baby. The OB kit his co uses only has latex sterile gloves and he's allergic to latex so nitryl/vinyl gloves go on first then the latex
  16. abiklags

    I really dislike Blackboard...

    i've used Moodle, Blackboard and now using Angel Loved moodle the most. E/T (and everything) was on one page. small icon by each link saying what it was (doc, ppt, excel, WWW page etc) new announcements on the right top and below that changes since the last log-on. Used it for my ADN program hated blackboard. used that during one course for one course given my the Univ. we are connected to. I found it confusing compaired to moodle Now using Angel for my BSN program. still getting used to it but its getting easier. I'm trying to figure out how to bookmark stuff for easy reference and stuff. I'd say play around with blackboard a bit to find the hidden stuff or google tips for blackboard.

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