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  1. abiklags


    I'm a night shift float nurse and all units do things differently. all the floors have 15 break and 30 min lunch break. Some floors heat their food up and eat at the nurses station and some floors the nurses take their break in the break room. I usually leave, get a coffee then go to the break room. I ALWAYS take my phone with me and wait until I am done my meds and Majority of my charting, if not all of it. If my patient is unstable, then I grab a coffee, heat my food up and eat in the nurses station. also, all the floors try to make sure only 1 nurse goes out at a time. Just so no one is overwhelmed
  2. abiklags

    St. Peter's University Hospital Internship

    So happy to have found this thread! I have the pharm test on thursday 5/28 ans super nervous. Any tips of what to focus on for M/S? HR told me I'm looking at a July 6 start date for the M/S float pool and any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. abiklags

    Shoes for wide, flat feet with high instep

    Thanks for all the suggestions on different shoes to buy. Besides The Walking Company, where else is there to try on these types of shoes?
  4. abiklags

    Shoes for wide, flat feet with high instep

    Thanks for the info! Currently wearing croc shoes (not classic crocs) and those are the ones that are killing my feet. I will look at trail running shoes-I tried Sketcher's sneakers recently and wore through the treads quickly. The problem with many sneakers is that they don't look as professional as a regular shoe or clog. so does anyone make nursing shoes with support like a a sneaker but looks like a shoes besides for Dansko?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a pair of very supportive nursing shoes that can be worn in a pediatric doctors office. Dansko's are not comfortable and can't seem to find any sneakers that are professional and supportive at the same time. Willing to spend $$$ if it is worth it One caveat! I need BLACK only
  6. I'm sorry, I didnt see your post until now. for MEDICAL reasons, I am allowed to touch the opposite gender, yes even for male caths. and yes, I have had that at meetings and interviews. no one has been offended by declining a hand shake. like you said in your last paragraph, I am a professional and I act as such. it IS possible to be religious and a nurse at the same time.
  7. abiklags

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    thank you for your "concern" but I already made my INFORMED decisions for my education. I'm not going to change it now so there is no reason to tell me where to go to school.
  8. abiklags

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    then it must not be obvious to you. I made my decisions based on many factors, and did my own research. Please don't insinuate I am a naive person making decisions based on propaganda and misinformation.
  9. abiklags

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    CC's wanted prereqs I did not want to do before getting my ADN. 2 programs were available and this was the cheaper one and I told you, I chose the college that worked best for me. obviously, those werent it. I dont think I need to explain why I spent to choose more money on my education
  10. abiklags

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    you look a little green. is something wrong?
  11. abiklags

    What was your average/GPA when you got accepted?

    HS cumulative GPA of 3.75, 4.0 on credits earned in HS (while enrolled in Middle College program with local U). got into nursing school on my first shot.
  12. abiklags

    When did you start using NCLEX review books??

    I started in the first semester. ATI was mandatory for all semesters, whether needing a certain amount of hours or proctered assessments. didn't start looking at NCLEX books till the week before graduation during the ATI live review. I also used Kaplan qbank for 3 weeks prior to NCLEX. I passed on the first shot. Except for practice exams on the computer for ATI, I didn't do any nclex style questions. So don't listen to me cuz I obvious did it wrong compared to the rest of the posters
  13. abiklags

    What was the first thing to go?

    1-socail life 2-cleaning 3-sleep I wont give upp doing the dishes. they are my break from studying and i have dirty dishes in the sink my sanity left somewhere between my commute, the notes and lack of sleep. haven't found it since
  14. abiklags

    Loose teeth letter - thought I'd share...

    school nurse for a loose tooth? seriously? My first grade teacher took care of teeth, loose, almost out and bleeding too!
  15. I do not know the policies of the hospitals around me and I don't need to know. I don't smoke. the smell makes me sick. My friend grew up in a smoking house and *likes* the smell. don't ask. I used to tell her to clean her wool coat b/c it absorbed so much odor and it made me cough. I think smoking is slow suicide. My dad used to smoke. he quit in July; I was born in march 3 weeks early. pretty obvious why he quit. he did it cold turkey and he says its the only way to do it and encourages teenagers to quit.