Underarm Sweating

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    Sorry in advance if this is not the place to be talking about something like this, but here it goes.

    Ever since I hit puberty I have had a problem with excessive sweating of my right armpit. Nothing I have tried has worked. I have spent hundreds of dollars on 'Clinical Strength' antiperspirant and various deodorants, but NOTHING has worked :angryfire! I even tried some home remedies like "rub underarms with apple cider vinegar at night, then apply deodorant in the morning", baby powder, antifungal powders/sprays/ointments....again nothing.

    Not only is this problem embarrassing beyond belief, but it ruins everything I wear! I have a white 'spot' in the right armpit of every scrub top and shirt I own, and there is nothing I can do to get the stain out!

    I feel as though I am at a loss.

    Before someone asks; No, I have not seen a doctor about this yet. I was hoping to get it handled on my own.

    Any suggestions would be great, thanks in advance!

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    I know that must be an embarassing problem. I used to work with a nurse that had a similar problem and I remember he taped ABD pads under his uniform before starting his shift in the locker room.

    Apparently this worked out for him.

    However, I would probobly seek the advice of a physician anyways. Who knows, they might have a treatment for the problem.

    Hope that helps.

    My Best,
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    I am an excessive sweater myself, and I finally broke down and saw a dermatologist. She prescribed Drysol, an antiperspirant. You put in under your arms at night, wash it off the next morning. After a few days, no sweat. It takes a few days to block the sweat plugs. I love that stuff, and I am a person who would sweat when it wasn't even hot.
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    Before leaving a room I always have to wipe my face and neck of w/ paper towels because I am drenched w/ sweat. Plus the heat is always on because most of the residents get cold easily so I am always sweaty. I make a joke out my "issue" w/ staff and residents. I know my perspiring is obvious, so by pointing it out myself, laughing at myself, gets everyone else laughing instead of wondering, "Does she feel that dripping off her nose?" Turning my freakiness into laughter has helped to relieve my anxed and hopefully cut-down the "whispers".
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    I read an article from Dr. Oz I believe it was that for excessive underarm sweating where no other ointments, deodorants, or various remedies worked he referred the patient to a dermatologist who injected botox into the sweat glands. I mean Im not endorsing it, just wanted to share the info for you. I never had to try it. But for the patients of Dr. Oz it worked. Here is a website for some more information.


    Good luck, hope something works out for you.
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    White undershirt and old spice deodorant/antiperspirant works for me lol
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    Quote from acl0727
    old spice deodorant/antiperspirant


    Sorry, but even your perspiration would smell better than that stuff.

    I find a bit of Hugo Boss does the trick.

    Personal tastes, I realise.
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    I have heard of the botox treatment for excessive sweating, also. There is also a surgery for this.
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    When I am at work I can never stop sweating. I have to go stand in front of a fan every once in a while to cool off. My cousin had a sweating disorder and had botox injected into his arm pits and now he doesn't sweat.
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    Its natural. I sweat alot too. My son sweats alot.... my sister sweats alot.... fortunately I work in or and change my scrubs if its excessive. I also find that cutting the caffeine, especially coffee really cuts down on perspiration. Monster energy drink doesn't make me sweat... coffee does.

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