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  1. GiantJerk

    Recs for NON-Littmann stethoscopes...?

    I have a MDF 777 and I love it. I've had a few Littmans and some others and they were all fine, but I don't think I'll ever switch back from the MDF. They are superb quality for their lower price.
  2. GiantJerk

    What specific duties does a Licensed nurses Aide do?

    I think it depends on the state BON's scope of practice for nurse's aids. In Texas, I'm pretty sure they aren't legally allowed to give medications. If it IS allowed in your state, then it would be a delegated practice, and therefore you (as the RN) would be responsible for what they do. If they mess up, it's on you as much as them.
  3. GiantJerk

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    When I was a brand new nurse, just off orientation (not that long ago), I had a patient who was a really difficult stick. I tried to draw her blood several times, another nurse tried to no avail. Finally someone was able to get just barely enough blood drawn up in a syringe to fill the tubes. I took it from her, filled the tubes, and promptly dropped them into the sharps container. The room fell silent and everyone was staring at me like I was the village idiot. I was horrified. Needless to say, I learned my lesson and never get close to the sharps container with a patient's blood in my hands anymore.
  4. GiantJerk

    Saying "Goodnight" to patients

    I work 7p to 7a so sometimes the patients are still asleep when I leave. If they are awake I always make it a point to say good bye and thank them for letting me take care of them.
  5. GiantJerk

    What color is your uniform?

    We had to wear Hunter green tops with Khaki bottoms and white lab coats if we weren't on the floor. They were awful. A lot of people burned the uniforms after graduation :)
  6. GiantJerk

    General questions...lots!

    Starting salary was 20.65 an hour plus differentials depending on if you work nights and weekends. I usually make 27ish depending. My NCLEX was 75 questions long and took me half an hour, but it can be up to 265 and you get 6 hours to take it. I took mine within a month of graduating. I don't really know the answers to your other questions. Hope that helps.
  7. GiantJerk

    Tattoos and nursing

    Doomsayer would be a good metal band name. I work with a bunch of nurses with tattoos... I wouldn't worry.
  8. GiantJerk

    Tattoos and nursing

    It's under your collar bone too, so it shouldn't show right?
  9. GiantJerk

    Religion in the Room

    I think it depends on you, your patients, the situation, and the facility. I work at a faith based hospital and praying with patients is encouraged. I am Agnostic, but I'll jump right in with a patient and pray with them if it makes them feel better.
  10. GiantJerk

    language barrier- weird situation

    If English is her second language it might actually have been easier for her and better for her to have someone interpret. Also, it might comfort her daughter to feel like she's helping. Just go with what the patient likes best.
  11. GiantJerk

    Tattoos and nursing

    You don't need to get it removed. Just figure out a way to cover it up. No worries.
  12. I don't think I could simply walk in and out of 80 rooms and just say hi in an hour and a half. lol must've been a typo.
  13. That's crazy... that's way too many patients in my opinion, but I'm still new. At my hospital they are working out a system so that any nurse who is in the process of passing meds cannot be disturbed by others except in an emergency. I'm not sure what the system will be. One example we were shown was of a facility where nurses wear signs that say "medication administration in progress, do not disturb!" on their backs when they are passing meds.
  14. GiantJerk


    When I was applying for jobs, my instructors (I was still in school) told me to apply for any job I wanted, even if it listed that it required experience. Then it's up to you to wow them at your interview and convince them that you can do it.
  15. Wow I'm totally jealous. Our hospital cafeteria only stays open until 8 for regular food, then the grill (hamburgers) stays open til 11. It sucks, I wish they'd open later at night.
  16. GiantJerk

    Anyone else not like Combat Hospital

    That's exactly the reason I watched it :)