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Crash_Cart has 11 years experience and specializes in ER OR LTC Code Blue Trauma Dog.

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  1. Crash_Cart

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Wash scrubs? You mean to say people still actually do that? I just burn mine in a bonfire after every shift...
  2. Crash_Cart

    Thready Pulse in Cardiac Arrest

    I'm the jedi master of codes and any patient that is considered to be in "cardiac arrest" means they are already connected to a cardiac monitor and you can see what rhythm they are in. So i'm not sure what all this nonsense is about...
  3. Dementia pt's don't "refuse" medications because they are confused and they simply don't know what it is you are doing, or what is it you are giving them exactly. Suggesting there is some way to make them understand, when the reality of the matter is, this isn't even remotely possible to do in the first place because of their cognitive deficit medical condition. That is to say, it's simply not possible to make them understand. However, I still fail to understand where the so called ethical dilemma situation exists exactly. All you are trying to do is provide them with the best medical treatment and personal care possible. That's all that should really matter at the end of the day isn't it? Even though the cognitive impaired patient may not understand what I am doing, or what medication I am giving to them exactly, I would certainly never do anything that causes any harm to them, end of story! I suspect those who have no previous experience working with the dementia population have no way of understanding the reality of the situation. While I do sincerely support and appreciate the sentiment of ensuring the principles of ethical nursing practice is upheld, maintained and followed, you need to understand the world of nursing isn't exactly a matter of seeing everything in simple black and white either.
  4. Please provide specific examples of "unethical" when working with the dementia population. For example, is providing redirection or using similar techniques considered to be a misleading or deceptive "unethical" practice? Pt. is asking off the wall questions about when the train is going to arrive on the nursing unit to pick them up and if you don't provide them with any honest answers to this question, is that "unethical?" If they think you are their son, grand daughter or whatever, and if you don't correct and make them understand things differently, is that somehow misleading them and considered to be "unethical" ? etc.. etc..
  5. Crash_Cart

    Maintaining BLS while not currently working

    No, it's not a BON requirement if that's what you are asking. It's an employer requirement.
  6. Yeah, thanks for posting what I was thinking. It's all just an ethics crossroads dilemma. lol It's one of those situations that look great on paper, but in practice... well, you know.
  7. Yup, for some apparent reason a lot of people miss the grade by mere fractions of a percentage point in many instances. Yeah, don't be discouraged or too hard on yourself. I know it's frustrating and heck, I even think the particular battery of exam questions you get sometimes are part of the problem. The thing to remember here is we have all failed before. I mean without failing anything, how would we possibly learn to achieve better in the future? You're so close... So just stick with it. After all, you did learn something didn't you? Just think how that makes things easier for you next time. Good luck.
  8. Crash_Cart

    trying to get into nursing school

    I'm not trying to discourage, but here's a little perspective to think about. You're basically competing for a seat in a class usually consisting of around 16 students and there's probably over 200 other people trying to get into the same class. Remember, some of those people trying to get in to the class have already been "wait listed" from prior admission periods too. This is why your TEAS (HESI A2) or whatever admission scores are so important. 70% seems like a reasonable score for admission into other college courses, but in nursing it's brutally competitive and therefore you have to achieve a really high score to stand a chance of positioning yourself above the rest of the crowd. In the reality of things, just achieving the mandated passing score on the TEAS just isn't going to cut it. One option is to find a school that has a larger class size. This is truly a numbers game and like playing the lottery, that statistically provides you with an increased chance of winning at this school admission game. So my advice is to hit the study books, and hit them really hard for a long time.
  9. Crash_Cart

    Thready Pulse in Cardiac Arrest

    The question states the pt. is in "cardiac arrest." How do you already know that exactly?
  10. Crash_Cart

    TEAS chances

    Khan Academy. https://www.khanacademy.org/science The benefit of this approach is there's lots of quizzes and practice questions.
  11. Well we all know what happened in Salem. Look how that all turned out.
  12. Crash_Cart

    When Police and Nurses Disagree Over Blood Draw Consent - Know What to Do

    Patients with DUI's will lawyer up and try to defend themselves using all kinds of legal arguments. A vindictive person could even file a report with the BON citing the idea that a procedure was performed on them without their expressed consent. In court, it often doesn't matter what's actually true or not. It's the judge or jury interpretation of things that counts.
  13. The reality of the matter is that working with the dementia population is an entirely different world than what the op is suggesting in terms of ethical dilemmas and whatever else they are attempting to imply. So come back and instruct us about "ethical dilemmas" and whatever else you may have when you actually have some real world experience working in this area. Thank You.
  14. Crash_Cart

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    For those reasons I have perfect feet. In fact, I could be a foot model on TV. lol
  15. Crash_Cart

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    Ah yes, memories after the ER codes and human donations for the eye bank. You know if you do it just right, they will pop right out ! lol
  16. Crash_Cart

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    Nothing... I upgraded to a cast iron stomach. lol But some people do have pretty gross feet though. Hate when all that dead skin flies around when pulling their sock off. Try not to breathe any of it into your lungs okay?

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