Soft scrubs for a tall skinny male=don't exist

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    I have to wear white or jade/teal scrubs. I am tall (I need like a 33" inseam) and skinny (wear small shirts, and have a 31-32 waist). I am having the damnedest time finding any scrubs that fit the bill. I bought cherokee workwear (55% cotton 45% poly) & dickies sandwashed scrubs from Lydia's uniforms. But they are super plastic feeling and stiff.

    Does anyone know of softer ones? 100% cotton are all like prints or lack pockets (i need cargo pockets and shirts with more than 1 pocket ideally). Do they break in at all? I am thinking about returning them.

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    Yes Yes! THere are good scrubs for us bean poles!
    Iguana Med makes well-fitted scrubs for dudes. check em out.
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    all scrubs get softer the more you wash them like any other clothing. If this is the biggest problem you face in nursing consider yourself blessed. I prefer Landau myself but have not information on their sizing.. if you go on line you will find many vendors and many brands.
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    You can add a cup of salt or 1/2 cup of vinegar to the last rinse cycle to soften, too.
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    None of these posters know what they are talking about because none of them have your problem, judging by their replies. IGUANA MEDS scrubs DO NOT HAVE TALL SIZES and none of their scrubs are going to fit any guy that has a 33+ inseam. I know I'm 6'5 and wear a 36x34 jean size/pant size. I'm not as skinny as the OP but I've found the best bet is Street Scrubs. Google them. Dickies and Landau and a few other companies make cotton bottoms in long sizes but you'll never be able to find a top that matches that is long and not baggy or gigantic around the waist and chest. Buying scrubs for tall guys SUCKS BIGTIME! Just one more reason why I hate this profession! LOL
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    Have you considered having them made for you? Find a good seamstress and tell her your issues. She should be able to adapt the pattern for fit and you get to pick the fabric. Might not be the cheapest way to do things but if you really want comfort and fit you just have to pay for it.
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    have you looked at greys anatomy scrubs?
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    Try they have sizes that will fit you. Waist might be a 33 but they have a drawstring. They are microfiber.
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    Quote from Argo
    Try they have sizes that will fit you. Waist might be a 33 but they have a drawstring. They are microfiber.
    That domain does not correspond to a scrub business as of 04/21/2011.

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