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  1. billyboblewis

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts?

    I would much rather work 8 hour shifts but there are very few around any more. I was working 7 12 hour shifts every 2 weeks but management lowered it to six because of the over time..4 hours what a joke
  2. billyboblewis

    Quick question from a new grad floating to ICU

    One day when I was working on a step down unit as a fairly new nurse I was doing an overtime shift. I was in the assignment area and the pm supervisor called me and an agency nurse. He said to me go to ICU, you are in charge and the agency nurse is working with you. That was my first ICU assignment with less than a years experience as an RN. I made it through the nite and had no complaints from the oncoming shift of experienced ICU nurses
  3. billyboblewis

    The Florida job market cannot be this bad?!

    A lot of getting a job depends on being in the right place and the right time. You also have to be able to sell yourself to the interviewer as the person they are looking for. I would recomend you start reading some of the self help books on salesmanship and even How to win friends and influence People. This information has helped me throughout my career. Dont be the bland person who just gets passed over.
  4. billyboblewis

    Am I the only one who hates 12 hour shifts??

    I do not like 12 hour shifts. I work nites and only have energy to sleep on my days off. We work 7 days over 2 weeks and it wears me out.
  5. billyboblewis

    Tattoos/Piercings in the workplace?

    I have worked in nursing and in sales for most of my life and I have learned to never show anything that might upset or offend your client. This includes my tatoos, I always wear long sleeves which in nursing is a good idea anyway. I always am clean shaven no beard or mustache. This helps me build trust and confidence of my patients. When I am in my free time I expose my tatoos and too be perfectly honest if I could start all over again I would not get them. Any thing that upsets or offends your client makes your job tougher and invites complaints!!!
  6. billyboblewis

    Fake nursing/CNA licenses or what?

    There are many people practicing illegally and this matter should be brought to the attention of management and the Boards. It is a red flag that you found so many.
  7. billyboblewis

    NYC's Lenox Hill Hospital Nurses Mull Strike Action

    My organization was just privatized and taken over by non-profit Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries. The gave all RN's the title of consultants and put us on salary. We remain on a standard 12 hour day, 4 days one week and 3 days the next and they pay us for only 76 hours because we dont work 40 hours the second week. I was flabergasted to find this out and really dont know how to go to get this remediated. Is this what republicans call middle class progress by privatizaton?
  8. billyboblewis

    Allowing Corpsman to Become Nurses

    In 1972 I became an LPN in NJ. My corpsman experience qualified me to take the LPN exam which I passed the first time studying only 35 minutes during my ride to Trenton to take the exam. After a short period time I got a scholarship to RN school and in 1976 I became an RN. I still work full time. Pretty good for a vietnam vet who was 90th in a class of 90 in High School.
  9. billyboblewis

    My Most Humbling Nursing Experience

    This thread should be required reading in all nursing and med schools and read and signed by all employees as part of orientation into a nursing or medically related job!
  10. billyboblewis

    RN to BSN or RN to MSN?

    MSN unless you are really intrerested in the torture of staff nursing in a hospital.
  11. billyboblewis

    Wearing Black Scrubs in Pediatric Hospital

    I find the trend to wearing black uniforms inapropriate for nurses. I first noticed it in 2005 at a large hospital in New Orleans. Hospitals relaxed uniform requirements for nurses as it is cheaper than giving raises and leads some nurses to believe administration is concerned about their rights, etc. Black is a symbol of evil and ill things in this society and it is a kick in the face to your patients, etc.
  12. In Louisiana you are given much more support and help if you self report and the earlier you do it the better. It shows you know you have a problem and you want help to solve it. If you dont self report and try to fight it you will be treated in a much harsher way. You have already admitted on here what you did so you know that you did something that would be questionable to the board. nurse in FL. In 2007 I got a DUI and self reported to the BON, they gave me a written warning and dismissed my case. Well, 4.5 years later I did it again. Since then I have been in counseling and attending AA to change my life style. I was not an alcoholic, but my life style was meet the guys for a couple beers. As we know, it only takes a couple to get charged. Since the incident I do not go out with the guys anymore and very rarely have a drink. I am unsure if I should self-report to IPN or self-report to the BON and see if they request it. Any advice from someone who has been down this road would be great.
  13. Hopefully you can find a female in recovery to talk with.
  14. billyboblewis

    Blue Urine

    It may be proteus mirablis not sure about spelling
  15. I would self report. If you don't and the board finds out you will probably face an immediate suspesion. You do not feel you have a problem with alcohol but you have gotten 2 DUI's. By your own admission you still drink and state you don't go out with men any longer. That activity could start at anytime by natural drsires and someone else with equal desires. It is legal and allowed. The board will probably put you in an RNP program and perhaps demand psychiatric eval, rehab and mandatory AA meetings for several years. If you are going to AA you should not be drinking at all. Right now you apear to be preparing for your next DUI and the results could be fatal to you or an innocent stranger and your license.
  16. billyboblewis

    Question about working full time and part time as a nurse?

    Why not go for a full time job at a VA hospital and carryover your benefits, Otherwise I believe you have to decide if you really want to be a nurse or not and maybe switch your major.