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Scrub tops on men

  1. 0 Do male nurses typically tuck their scrub top in there pants?
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    For me it depends. The hospital issue OR scrubs tops tend to be long on me even though I'm tall so I tuck those under the drawstring scrub pants. They look fine tucked in because the fabric is thin and long which tends to keep it tucked in. Some of the commercially sold scrub uniforms look better tucked out because the fabric is thick and the hem ends right below the waist so it hangs better tucked out and will not stay tucked in even if I tried.
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    Never done it. I hate tucking in any shirt though.
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    Where I work,no.
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    Some do, some don't.

    I don't, unless I'm sporting my lab coat.
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    If it is tucked in, how I am I going to show my plumber cleavage when I bend over?
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    What is this "tucked in" you speak of?
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    I tuck my shirt, but I work in the OR, and can't risk my shirt floating around and contaminating a sterile surface.
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    Quote from emtb2rn
    What is this "tucked in" you speak of?
    Darn it you made milk come out my nose!
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    No way.
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    Quote from Nolander
    Do male nurses typically tuck their scrub top in there pants?
    I don't because my scrub tops have pockets, so if I were to tuck the tops in, the pants would cover the pockets.

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