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  1. Maria T. Codina Liek webinar

    Going to be taking the FNP certification in Sept 2020, has anyone taken Maria T. Codina Leik webinar? Is it any good? Is it worth the $450 ish? I have Leik's review book which I have heard that it is a good review. The Hollier review course. I recom...
  2. Which stethoscope?

    I agree my Drug guide, tabers, lab guide and disease & disorder guide (all the information I needed for my paperwork) on my phone save me in school. Out of school, I use mainly the drug guide and lab guide. Wait til you get a job to spend the mon...
  3. What is the best stethescope for an ER nurse?

    Its Cardiology III vs Master Cardiology again... I like the STC. I think you will be ok with any "good" stethoscope to start, wait and see what you need once you are in the ED. Then spend your money.
  4. Triage System in ED

    Got a paper to write?
  5. I have heard that North Dakota and Texas have the best job markets for new grads. I don't know if the job market is going to change that much in 2yrs. Personally, I think a unit secretary is a better job to move into a RN position not a CNA.
  6. RN, BSN student hoping to work in the ED after graduation

    Before you go further, why do you want to work in the ED? This is the question they are going to ask you and you need a good answer. Right now getting a job in a hospital is hard enough, as a new grad... Saying I want a ED, ICU or L&D position on...
  7. Agree with above, fanny pack = bacteria magnet. Are you going to wash that after every shift? Get scrubs with pockets...what are you carrying? Scissors, pens, stethoscope, tape, smartphone, reading glasses and ....
  8. Amiodarone in low heart rate

    Agree no reason to hold, some hosp have standard orders ie hold for SBP less than or HR less than. Our SBP less than 90 HR less than 50. Muro that is a great avatar. I wish I could get away with it on my name badge
  9. Just a question to understand the ER better

    First, glad your dad is ok I maybe late to this but can we agree 1) this guy (even without looking at him) should have been triage at a level 2 and not a level 1? 2) the person with an attitude at the front desk most likely needs to find a new job? ...
  10. Which would be better? ADN or BSN?

    Agree, go to a state school and get a BSN. The job market, which is still depressed right now, isn't going to be that much better in 2yrs verse 4 yrs. Take your pre req at a community college (take your time and get A's or better) then transfer to a ...
  11. Carharrt Scrubs!

    I would love to buy these but 2 deal breakers: Not enough pockets (one pocket on the shirt), Not big enough (my shoulders wont fit into these). I wear aviation scrubs: tons of pockets and come in every size(custom lengths too). I have worn two sets f...
  12. Certifications for an ER nurse

    Not all ED positions require TNCC or ENPC. In our area you only need them if you are working in a trauma center. That being said TNCC and ENPC are great classes to take. They teach you how to do a systematic assessment on a trauma pt.
  13. Is a tablet a good investment for nursing school

    The answer is NO
  14. New vs used books vs renting

    I bought all my books used on Amazon and then sold them all back on amazon. Some of the books like Peds and OB, I actually made a profit on. But now I think renting is a good option for your Dosage Cal, Ob, peds, psych etc. Renting you dont have to w...
  15. Medication tidbits an ER nurse should always know

    IV pepcid - put in 50ml bag of ns and drip it in over 10min.(less likely to drop BP) Morphine/diluadid iv no matter the age put them on a pulse 02(Ive had young ones tank) and doc a bp prior to adm. IM (expect tetnanus) goes in the ventral gluteal (e...