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Birdbr has 5 years experience and specializes in Long Term Care; Skilled Nursing.

I've worked in Long Term Care (Skilled Nursing) on a unit for individuals with dementia and other memory issues. I'm currently attending school to obtain my Bachelor of Social Work degree and will go on for my Master of Social Work degree with an emphasis in Behavioral/Mental Health Counseling. Although, my goal is to work in the social work profession, the nursing profession is something I'm passionate about and knowledgeable in.

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  1. Birdbr

    Webcams in Nursing Homes?

    As a a former CNA in a SNF working on a memory care unit, I struggle with the webcam implementation a lot. Presently, I'm a Social Services Director at a SNF, I'm not okay with this. I 100% want residents to be protected, but I don't think cameras are the answer. I feel that these cameras infringe on the privacy of all residents-- especially those with dementia. We are aware that residents with cognitive issues wander and unfortunately, they may wander into others' rooms; sometimes they may even disrobe unfortunately or engage in other things that may be embarrassing for them. Should somebody's family/friend be able to see that? Where's the dignity in that? Additionally, as someone else pointed out; What about those residents in semi-private rooms? Are they not allowed privacy. We know that it is challenging enough for many to have a roommate-- so now they get even less privacy? At the end of the day, and I hate to say this, but if you don't trust the facility/staff that your loved one is in, I would suggest looking elsewhere for placement.
  2. Birdbr

    What good does a BA in anything do for nursing

    My guess is this person possibly meant that the C grade would not affect their GPA as the student already has a large sum of credits and if they did well, the one C will not completely destroy their GPA. The nursing school will likely look more into the entire academic record and GPA rather than just the anatomy & physiology. As far as A&P, it's a more challenging class for many and I've worked with many nurses who struggled through A&P, but did extremely well in their nursing classes. It's definitely a lot to conceptualize as the A&P course(s) are typically fast paced and so once they have time to bond with the material, it's easier to understand-- I always seemed to comprehend the information a lot better a week or two after the unit exam.
  3. Birdbr

    reasons to go into nursing over social work?

    I absolutely love these comments. As a social work student, I often come across such negative comments when talking to people in other professions, especially my nursing friends and colleagues. It's definitely disheartening. We must remember that there is value in almost every profession in healthcare. Our scopes of training are different, but when working together the patient outcomes are much better. :)
  4. Birdbr

    I was reported by the social worker.........

    I'm sorry that you took this really offensively. The social worker could have talked to you, but I'm not sure of your relationship with the social worker and they may have felt that your supervisor would be better off educating you. The social workers role is to advocate for the resident and they do know a lot. I'm saddened by the responses on this post as instead of helping the nurse deal with a mistake and helping educate the nurse, you all ended up discrediting and resorted to name-calling a social worker who was doing their job. I think it would serve many on this issue to actually research what social workers do. Social Work roles are very broad and we are very skilled and can work in multiple disciplines. In the future, try helping people instead of discrediting. Thanks to all that looked at the entire situation and understood that the social worker was likely trying to advocate for the resident and educate the staff rather than callously attack a nurse.
  5. Birdbr

    LPN to social work or RN?

    If you feel you're not interested in nursing, definitely go into a field you're passionate about. Social Work and Nursing are both wonderful fields and there are differences in salary, duties and many other things. Clearing some errors: 1. Entry level social work being a Masters; Most states have Bachelor level social workers. I'm currently getting my Bachelor of Social Work at this time. To be a hospital social worker, most places do require a Masters Degree, but a lot of programs within hospitals will hire BSWs as well as county agencies, nursing homes, and non-profit organizations. Our training is in that of a generalist practice and that allows us to do quite a bit. 2. Nurses are qualified to do social work. They may work in case management, but there is so much more to social work than case management. Social Workers obtain licensing/certification that requires boards and different education than that of a nurse. Also, their case management is a bit different than that of a social worker. Good luck with whatever you choose. Both are admirable fields and necessary in the health field.
  6. Birdbr

    Scrub tops on men

    I don't because my scrub tops have pockets, so if I were to tuck the tops in, the pants would cover the pockets.
  7. Birdbr


    No. I love my technical college. I'm going to get my Associates Degree in Nursing and then work as an RN (I have to work off my scholarship to my local hospital), and after the first 6 months to a year, I'll go through the University of Phoenix-Online to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
  8. Birdbr


    I plan to go to back to get my BSN. Hopefully an online university, as the only university in my area that offers a BSN, has a bunch of snobby people. I chose the technical college because the class sizes are smaller, it's cheaper, the students are nice and open minded, as are the instructors/professors. Personally, I plan to work as a floor nurse as long as possible, I don't really want to work in advanced setting nor management. But, I will get a BSN just in case. Thanks for all the comments yet again. But as of right now, I know that technical college is where I belong.
  9. Birdbr

    Nursing School- Reading & Math

    Thanks for your comments everyone. They are super helful and make me more excited to get into my actual program.
  10. Thanks. Although, I'm not in the nursing program yet (on a waiting list), I can say that the professors/instructors I had my first semester were excellent.
  11. Birdbr


    Thanks everyone. My pre-reqs are going great so far. Not too mention, she's going to a college that doesn't offer a BSN, so she's getting her Bachelors in Biology and then going to another college to get from her Bachelors to a Bachelors in nursing.
  12. Birdbr

    Job Hunt

    Thanks everyone. After a few months in college, in the town I was applying in, I got a call from both facilites. The reason it may haven taken so long is because once I moved up there, I stopped applying, but then I decided to give it another try. I did an interview with one hospital and they declined me due to my lack of experience. So now, I am going to apply to some nursing homes again.
  13. Birdbr

    RN to BSN programs a scam?

    My nursing assistant instructor received both her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Phoenix, so I'm assuming it's a good online university.
  14. Birdbr

    Job Hunt

    So, I applied for many positions in two hospitals and one nursing home. This was like 2-3 weeks ago. I live over 58 miles away, however, I recently got an apartment, I get to move in on the 11th of August. Do you think if I start using my new address (which is in the city I plan to work/attend college) I'll have better luck? Thanks, BirdBr
  15. Birdbr

    How many people failed the CNA state exam the first time?

    I failed the first time. However, my friend passed the first time, as did the other person I was testing with. The written is the easy part, the skills can be a little complicated. Luckily, I passed on the second time.
  16. Birdbr

    My Student is draining me.....

    That seemed like a pretty normal question to me. I don't know what your student was thinking, apparently he's never been in pain.