How do people feel about male nurses? - page 14

I'm 20 and a NJ National Guard Infantry men and I'm think about go to school for my RN. I was wondering is there a Demand for male nurses, and how do male nurses fit in this field. I enjoy helping... Read More

  1. by   ValRN1
    I enjoy working with skilled and knowledgeable nurses of any gender. However, having just gone thru prolonged illness with my 83 yr old Mom, there are patients (esp women of a certain vintage) who are uncomfortable with personal care from a male. I believe that to be the right of the patient and always supported my mother in her personal choices. Hanging an IV med is one thing, but personal care can make some people uncomfortable from a male. I provided the care for Mom myself, if the only caregiver was a male. This continued to her time in hospice, when unfortunately they sent amalenurse and I had to turn him away st the door.
  2. by   nsue
    I enjoy working with most male nurses. There have been times where I felt they were arrogant and thought they were better than female nurses. Nursing is an awesome career for anyone. Both genders make good nurses is they are competent and caring!