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  1. GuineaPigs

    NP income?

    I've been wondering about NP income. Is it possible for NPs to make around 150k annually or are NPs capped around 120-130k? Some Google searches netted annual incomes around 80-90k which seem so low to me. This year as an RN with some overtime I'll pull around 130k gross, any insights?
  2. GuineaPigs

    When does HIPPA no longer apply?

    All of your responses had to focus on the misspelling on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act? Just wow, it's almost smartassby the way it's said. I felt bad for the kid and figured he's acting out because of what happened. So yeah I didn't press charges.
  3. GuineaPigs

    When does HIPPA no longer apply?

    I didn't press any charges, but it's a short leash now.
  4. GuineaPigs

    When does HIPPA no longer apply?

    To make things simple, this patient was in for GSW's. Threatened to shoot me, my mother, knock me out, and what not. Has been assaulting and threatening staff. Took a pic of me and placed guns to my head and knives in my chest and posted it on Instagram with threatening captions. We ended up calling security, the police, notified the PCC, my manager and director. My whole floor knows as well. I got a copy of the police report and asked if it'd violate HIPPA if I were to show this to people I know. I was told that it would violate HIPPA because the patient's name is on it. However, I don't see how this could possibly be a violation of HIPPA given that they were death threats. I decided to not press charges if all photos were deleted and the police checked three times. However should I have pressed charges, then it would have been terroristic threats. What do ya'll think?
  5. GuineaPigs

    Dr. told patient, "Nurses are STUPID".

    I've had MDs place orders for an hCG test for a man... MD needs to chill out.
  6. GuineaPigs


    I was on shift one night and I was informing one of the residents that the patient's temp was slowly creeping up to fever threshold (he was floating in between 100 to 101). Anyway, she said something along the lines of "He's a bit hot right now probably because you're his nurse tonight. I'm sure this happens with a lot with your patients." Would you consider this as flirting? Although such behaviors are kinda frequent between me and my co-workers in general. Except it's kinda specific to me as there are 2 other guys on the floor and it doesn't happen with them. Any other male in here have a co-worker smack their ass with something playfully?????? I'm a male btw, I chose the username to remain inconspicuous. Though after this post, I don't think it'll stay that way lol.
  7. GuineaPigs

    Failed Second & Third Exam

    Content can be difficult depending on what it is and how much of it you are willing to learn and retain. The other hard part is standardized testing such as HESI or ATI. My school used both and they were used as predictors. If you failed those you flunked out or weren't allowed to take the NCLEX (depending on your year).
  8. I sucked at chem in high school, but did well when it came to inorganic and organic chem in undergrad. I received As in both. The real answer to the importance of chem lies within what you want to do. Chemistry is the foundation of pharm and if you want to pursue anesthesia (crossing fingers) chem is important. If you want to remain as a bedside RN, then chem isn't the most important thing.
  9. GuineaPigs

    Moving to TSICU

    Hello all, I'm coming up on my 6th month as a new BSN, RN. I've been working on an ortho med/surg floor, but my interests have shifted and now I like trauma as well as cardiac issues. I would like to move to TSICU in about a year. However, I see many of the ICU jobs only want w/1 year ICU experience. How does one circumvent this barrier? Thanks
  10. GuineaPigs

    CNA pushback

    CNAs at my institution are allowed to draw labs. It's me running around like crazy because now I suddenly have lab draws in addition to everything else. The pushback can be anything, but blood draws especially.
  11. GuineaPigs

    CNA pushback

    Oh nothing so trivial, it's usually when I just started my shift and AM labs weren't drawn. Then the providers put in stat labs and ask me to get them. Yet I haven't assessed and done med passes and the CNAs are mostly free until 1000 for vitals.
  12. GuineaPigs

    How do people feel about male nurses?

    From my personal experience... they like to mess with you a bit. The other thing, patients always call me doc. Even though I repeatedly correct them.
  13. GuineaPigs

    CNA pushback

    Hi guys, I've been licensed for almost 6 months, with 3 months of it being on orientation. One thing that I've come to have problems with is pushback from CNAs. I try to ask as little of them as possible, because I know they are also performing their duties (I was a CNA first too). However, they frequently give me pushback when I ask for their help. How do you guys handle this? Thanks
  14. GuineaPigs

    IV sites

    A week ago, another new to practice RN and I were practicing inserting IVs. Now a week later, I have this inflamed bump at the area. The sk N is healed, but it's still inflamed. Is this normal? I was her first stick.
  15. GuineaPigs

    In fear of losing my license.

    I would think that you wouldn't lose your license. Plus, if you have the chat saved, you can always use it as evidence of blackmail (if that happens).