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  1. nsue

    Did I do the right thing in this code situation?

    I have had 2 experiences where I have come across people who needed CPR. I still second guess my every move and choice. 1 person lived the other died. The one who died had a bike accident, he was face down gasping. I had 3 people help me turn log rd him over to make sure his clothes weren't restricting his breathing. He then stopped breathing and I couldn't find a pulse so started CPR. This was out in nowhere so help took forever. In the end someone got a defibrillator and he had no rhythm, nothing to shock. The 3 doctors who showed on the scene said stop CPR. I did not want to give up on the young man but at that point I think it had been an hour. I said to one of the docs did I do the right thing turning him over, what if he had a broken neck? The doctor said "God was here before you were". And agonal breathing is not breathing. In the end I have to accept the fact that I did everything I could to save him, but it wasn't to be. Sad....
  2. nsue


    Yes my nursing school had the same policy. We lost 30 people out of 100 because they flunked out.
  3. nsue

    Psst....Let's Talk About Gossip in the Nurses' Station

    I worked with a Male cna who simply got up and walked away whenever someone was gossiping. It quickly became apparent he was not interested.
  4. nsue

    Psst....Let's Talk About Gossip in the Nurses' Station

    Nothing good comes from gossip and stirring the pot. The ones who instigate it are trying to find ways to make themselves feel superior.
  5. nsue

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    Yes, I love nursing! The thing I have found is that we have nowhere to vent our frustrations/concerns. Management has their own problems and don't have time to help or listen. The one thing I figured out is that nurses have to find a position where they feel they belong. I tried several nursing settings and found that the setting I'm most comfortable is the one I excel in. So yes we love being nurses, we just need support!
  6. nsue

    Cry me a river...?

    I personally try to never cry in public or even in front of my family. I have only cried 1 time at work when a manager was out of line. I think there are people who are more sensitive than others, there are also people who have other things going on outside of work and are trying to just get by every day the best they can. I also think there are nurses who really don't give a damn, have no empathy, or a stronger personality. So I say lets not judge others, we don't walk in their shoes!
  7. nsue

    Playing Cards

    Interesting she made a snarky comment about nurses talking out of both sides of their mouth, complaining they are tired yet she used being tired as an excuse for her dumb comment! The double standard here points out that she clearly has no understanding of the sacrifices nurses make every day! I agree with the person who states, let's not forget to be professional. We do not want to discredit ourselves like she did!
  8. nsue

    Playing Cards

  9. nsue

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    I agree with you about nurses. My daughter is chronically ill and has gone to the emergency room many times. We have run into the same thing with nurses who don't care and are down right rude! I want you to know though there are still many good compassionate nurses out there that consider nursing a calling. I am one of those. I am finding that people everywhere are becoming more rude, entitled and heartless. It is a sad situation! I hope your daughter is better.
  10. nsue

    Help: My Deaf Stethoscope

    Thanks CrazyGoon, I did as you suggested and did not have any problems in clinical after that. I am pretty sure you are right about those squishy ear pieces! Oh and I stretched out my stethescope so it did not sit so hard into my ears and that helped too! Thanks!
  11. nsue

    Help: My Deaf Stethoscope

    Hi, I am having the same problem with my expensive littman stethoscope. It works intermittently...sometimes clear as a bell and at other times all I hear is my own heart beat in my ears. I never had this problem with my cheaper stethoscope. I don't know if it is a stethoscope problem....user error...fluid in the ears or what? I can listen to someones heart and lung sounds great then go to another room and can't hear a thing?? Any suggestions?
  12. nsue

    One bad egg...

    After re-reading the post I understand that this was not the student's first offence. She obviously had an attitude problem. So what the manager did was not out of line, it is her job to protect the patients. In my school we wear uniforms with an identifying patch on the sleeve so there is no confusion as to who is who. I think your manager should talk with this instructor and make sure the students follow the dress code. The point in my previous post was that it is hard enough to be a nursing student without having nurses who don't want anything to do with us making it harder. Most of us are scared to death of making a mistake or breaking any rules. So you are right about one bad egg spoiling it for the rest of the students!:)
  13. nsue

    One bad egg...

    Well I have to agree with the students on this one....snotty or not there is no reason to treat students poorly. All nurses were students once and should remember that! As a student I have ran into some pretty snotty staff nurses who display no patience or kindness and I would not want them taking care of me!
  14. nsue

    3 medication errors in 7 months!

    Hi, I can relate to how you feel! I am questioning my choice to become a nurse too. I almost gave the wrong medication in clinicals last week and feel like the biggest idiot of the century. I to have wanted to become a nurse for a long time (20+ years) and decided to raise my children first before persuing my career. Anyway I do not think you should quit. For one thing the 2nd and 3rd error were not your fault and for another any nurse who says she has never made an error is either lying or too stupid to know they made an error. I felt like giving up the other day and still feel sick about it but the bottom line is that we are accountable for our actions and even though we feel stupid we have the integrity to report it. Patient safety is priority not Nurse pride. I have made other errors working as a med aide so am feeling really down about this last error since I should know better. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and take a few minutes to breathe when feeling overwhelmed. I am sure you will be a great nurse because you care!