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  1. Eurobreakstar

    Any NP's in Montana?

    I was just curious how you felt the state of Montana takes care of their RN/NP community. Looking at relocating from Houston to Missoula in the near future but didn't want to just jump the gun and run. Any feedback in this would be awesome thanks g...
  2. Eurobreakstar

    Any Montana NP

    Hello all, I am considering two different fields for NP school and
  3. Eurobreakstar

    To all the Montana NP’s

    Hello all! Currently living in Houston, working on a CVICU unit, and looking to apply for school at UT Health for Acute care NP school. My wife and I had been talking that after school we would like to move to Missoula, MT area to be closer to fami...
  4. Eurobreakstar

    I can't get a job!!

    Sorry but let me get this straight. you have a young child, no job, gap in history to care for family (props), picky on where you’ll work, and want the best job for your development out the gate despite experience without dragging your no...
  5. Eurobreakstar

    Considering changing from ICU to palliative

    I am a fairly new nurse, 3 years, second career person, and have been in med/surg, MICU, and CVICU. I have been considering a change into palliative care and was curious if anyone here would be willing to share their experiences in this field. I hav...
  6. Eurobreakstar

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Sorry to reply so late guys, life and work. 1. Apply for the scholarship HRSA if you’re going or planning to go to school 2. Hearing back about your application can take weeks or months. To be honest my approval happened 2 weeks after ...
  7. Eurobreakstar

    Acute NP schools?

    I see, so the Acute/Gero program is the "Acute NP" program. I suppose it makes sense since a majority of med/surg pt's are in face acute or gero lol. Thanks, appreciate the info
  8. Eurobreakstar

    Acute NP schools?

    Hello everyone, I am a newer nurse and am looking to start applying for NP school in the near future. I had been searching online for Acute Nurse Practitioner programs but have only come across Acute/Gero programs. My goal is to work as a hospit...
  9. Eurobreakstar

    ICU Certifications?

    Hello everyone, First time poster and finishing my last semester in Nursing School right now. I was curious as to the most helpful or sought out certificates for an ICU nurse. I will be applying for ICU positions and practicum soon and would lik...
  10. Eurobreakstar

    How do people feel about male nurses?

    I am a nursing student and while everyone here is right that there is a demand for nurses, good ones in particular, there by not means should be a higher request for males of females. HOWEVER, as a male nursing student I have been treated significan...