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  1. Stratiotes

    How do people feel about male nurses?

    I don't believe gender has any part in getting hired or how you're treated by employers. However, as much as stereotype deniers try to say otherwise, there are situations in which male and female nurses are treated differently. The truth is, whil...
  2. Stratiotes

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I think that it depends on the context. If I were a patient, I wouldn't judge a nurse's worth by his or her bodyweight. That said, I would have trouble listening to any teaching they might have to offer on nutrition and/or weight control. This would ...
  3. Stratiotes

    Health care administration - non nurses

    From what I've experienced, even those who have worked as nurses seem to lose touch once they get into admin. I'm not sure it really makes a difference.
  4. Stratiotes

    Why do you wear a white coat? (if you indeed do)

    I can't answer why normal staff nurses would want to wear a lab coat. They are hot and I would imagine easy to get soiled during patient care. I have never worn one while working as a bedside nurse. I do wear one when I am working as a clinical instr...
  5. Stratiotes

    New grad starting out in ICU?

    I would say a lot of it depends on your personality. I think for the majority of people, it is a better idea to spend a year on a tele or stepdown floor. That said, I've precepted and worked with several new grads who have done great. I have also wor...
  6. Stratiotes

    Transition from step down to ccu

    I think whether or not people are successful in ICU (or any new setting) largely depends on personality. We mostly get nurses who transfer after a year on tele, but we've also hired on med/surg transfers, and even new grads. Some do well, some don't....
  7. Stratiotes

    CABG recovery ratios?

    We have the same policy, but as a charge nurse, I generally would try to let the nurse with the CABG take over someone else's patient and have the other nurse take the admit. This depending on the acuity of the new admit. We get a lot of not-so-criti...
  8. Stratiotes

    RN pay in NW Arkansas

    Actually, most registry positions around NWA are around $35 an hour. There are also a couple of PRN agencies that pay this. But, these jobs do not come with benefits.
  9. Stratiotes

    Beginner's Blues?

    I thought I'd made a big mistake by going into critical care my first few months. The fact that you feel the way you do is actually a great thing. It shows that you care about your level of knowledge and want to learn. Soak it up. I posted this one ...
  10. Stratiotes

    New ICU Nurse: Wanting helpful tips

    Keep a notepad with you at work. Anytime you question something or feel that you don't fully understand a concept, write it down and study it later. Unfortunately, in my case, I run into these questions at the worst times. For example, when I was new...
  11. Stratiotes

    Critcal care as new grad

    Many new grads have been accepted into our ICU, though it is a smallish hospital. However, we do take open hearts and stuff--so it isn't an "easy" ICU. I started after a year of med surg right along with some new grads, and I can tell you that I didn...
  12. Has anyone encountered this? According to my director and verified by HR, it is hospital policy to not write letters of reference due to liability. It is nice to find this out after 18 months of employment.
  13. Stratiotes

    Male Nurses on the Rise and They Make More Money

    I might give the study more credit if they make a couple of changes to ensure that we are talking about pay for doing the same exact job for the same number of hours: - Look at only one level of care whether it be ICU, med/surg, ER, etc. (This would ...
  14. Stratiotes

    Male Nurses on the Rise and They Make More Money

    All I'm saying is that, where I've worked, I've had the same base pay as my colleagues. The only way I can increase my weekly pay is by picking up more hours, working nights, weekends, or floating to other units to rack up differentials. So, without ...
  15. Stratiotes

    Forced to Take an Assignment You Can Not Handle

    Everyone else has said it--that is the typical med-surg experience. When I started my first job, I was told I'd never take more than 5 patients. As soon as I was off orientation, 6 was the norm. At my current hospital, I think the med/surg nurses typ...