Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor? - page 5

So, I have heard some stories of female doctors being mistaken for nurses...so I was wondering this: have you, as a male nurse, been mistaken for a doctor?... Read More

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    A million times, especially since I've been out of uniform!
    Sometimes it's helpful if a patient is disoriented: they sometimes take more notice of a "doctor" than a nurse!!

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    This should be combined with the "male nurses with beards" thread, I wager you'd get a really high correlation between +beards and +doctor recognition hits on that study =)
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    I used to work in aged care facility in England. Quite often the female nurses would ask me to pretend to a doctor in order together confused residents to take their meds!
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    experienced it before when im doing my hospital RLE (related learning experience) in one of the government hospital here....an old lady keep on saying "doc i have this and i have that...etc"....then i keep on saying too "I'm not a doctor Mam"....maybe because im wearing white uniform and stethos in hand thats why she think i'm a doctor....
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    All the time unfortunately.
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    Yup, happens all the time, especially if I go in to help a female nurse with a pt. Usually I'll say the female nurse is the Doc, just to throw her and the pt off.
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    Yep, happens all the time :icon_roll
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    My patients call me "Doc" all the time. Of course where I work, - a State Prison - the term is a sign of respect and not my title.
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    I get called so many things I don't bother keeping track ;-)
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    Heaps, they probably thought I was an intern (I mean I'm only 25)...and that's how I got called 'doc' by the nurses, whilst the doctors get called by their first names. funny that.

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