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    I am a senior in nursing school. I am building a resume to begin applying or internships. I just have a question about my reference list. I already have 2 former employers and would like to have 1 or 2 more references. I tutored a student in A&P and nutrition. Is it a good idea to put her down as a reference?

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    A client is receiving 2mg in 250mL D5W. The order is to infuse at 20mL/hr.

    The answers I keep getting are:

    The book answers are:

    Who is wrong me or the book? lol

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    This is the topic for my PICO question:
    Advantages/Disadvantages of negative pressure wound therapy (or other types of therapy) or various treatments on wound healing

    This is what I have so far:
    In patients with pressure ulcers (p) what is the effect of pressure wound therapy (I) as compared with_______ (c) on wound healing (o)

    What would I put for the C? Do I just choose a random type of wound healing therapy to compare it to? I think I have to be more specific than just "various treatments"