how much do teachers influence success in nursing school?

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__% is up to the student?

__% is up to the teacher?

I think success in NS is 90% up to the student and 10% up to the teacher. Do you agree?


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I am always amazed at how much blame the students at my school put on the teacher. (I have to preface this by saying I am not working at this particular time, I am just going to school, so I can concentrate on studying. ) The class/clinical we are taking is Med Surg II. It is the make or break course. A lot of students got the notification if they did not do better in the class, then this is it for them. Our instructor leaves a lot to us to take on ourselves, reading, studying, etc. They are saying that it is her teaching, the way she presents the material, etc, etc. She is not a warm person but she seems like if you need the help she is willing to meet with you and give it...I guess if you click with the prof then maybe it is easier to really dig into the class, but I would definitely say that 90/10 is pretty realistic.


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I'm not sure what the answer is.. but in the end, it's your degree, it's your responsibility. If your teacher isn't providing you with what you need, there are so many avenues you can pursue to have your needs met, from extra study to switching classes to another teacher.


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I would say 70 - 30. The instructors have a responsibility to create interesting lectures and engage their students. The students have the ultimate responsibility to learn the info. My clinical instructor totally influenced my success in school. She wouldn't let me get away with anything less than I was capable of and as a result I learned more and am better prepared.


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^^ Students still have the burden of responsibility to study and learn the content even if the lecture isn't interesting! My first year patho lecturer was the most boring man on earth, preaching the most boring content, in a monotone, every Monday afternoon for three hours straight. It was the most utterly boring class I have ever taken and it's a miracle that I passed. It wasn't his responsibility to make very very long, meaningless words interesting and engaging. It was his job to impart the knowledge and give us the avenues (i.e. the lecture, the lecture slides, the opportunity to ask questions and so forth) - it is the students job to take it on board. No one else can make you learn.

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