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importance of schools with rural AND urban clinical experiences?


how important is it for a school to have rural and urban clnicals?

why are having rural clinicals important?


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Suggestion: Tell us what you think about the differences between urban and rural clinicals. If you post your own thoughts, it's easier for students or nurses to respond as to whether your perceptions are right or wrong.


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I'm not sure what the answer to your question is.

I'm at a major urban school in a capital city, however in third year you can elect to take placements in rural areas - in community care, hospitals and even with the royal flying doctors service!


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We have the option of doing clinicals at either an urban teaching hospital/level 1 trauma center and/or a 116 bed rural community hospital. In my experience the urban clinical sites are what you would expect: faster paced, have more severe patients, older technology and produce students who could walk into an rural ICU from working on the rural tele unit and do just fine. That being said, the rural clinical sites have a more relaxed atmosphere, are slower paced, and great if you want to wade into the pool instead of jumping off the diving board. Cheers. cheers.gif

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