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"You look tired"

  1. 5 How do you all respond to this comment from patients? I work 7a-7p busy med surg, and have baby that wakes up several times a night. I can't help being tired, but these comments irritate me,
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    Just let it roll off your back.

    Hang in there.
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    Tell them of course you are tired you have a baby.....are they offering to babysit?

    Invest in a good concealer...go to a good department store like Macy's, Bloomingdale, Lord and Taylor counter like Lancome (which is L'Oreal at Walgreens, I have a friend who is a chemist for them) and have the consultants show you how...then you can buy it or something similar at the local store.

    At work focus on being perky.. Annoying I know.....never let them see you sweat. Don't over share that the baby isn't sleeping...don't give them something to gossip about.

    Trust me this too shall pass.....
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    I worked twelve hour nights, so I used to get this comment all the time towards the end of my shift, plus, since I'm naturally fair-complected anyway, by 7 am both patients and staff would be asking me if I felt okay because I was so pale. Usually just a smile and a, "No, thanks, but I'm fine," would suffice.
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    I always feel guilty when I hear this, like the patients shouldn't be able to tell that I'm tired. Sometimes I feel like they're being suspicious, wondering if I'm really awake enough to take care of them properly. I usually smile and say "it's been a long night for both of us, hasn't it?" or something like that. Or if it's at the beginning of the shift, I say something like "Oh, no, I'm fine; I'm just thinking"--which is usually the case.
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    oh yeah...I get it, I am writing this (while feeling extremely exhausted, and grumpy)....I normally work 3-12's in a row, with an occasional "bonus" shift at time and a half....wondering if that bonus is really worth it at this point....I look tired because I am, and physically just feel ill....so, I guess misery loves company huh?....lol, hang in there buddy!
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    I tell them to go get me coffee.
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    I'd just say, I am tired, people are running me ragged around here! Then leave. Jerks are the ones who say stuff like that. They know you ARE tired.
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    Yellow powder under foundation for the dark or pink circles at your eyes should do the trick. Then, ignore, ignore, ignore.
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    I don't take this personally when patients say this. I think it's just human nature. Many of the patients are elderly anyway so it comes natural to them to want to show some concern in my welfare. Maybe it gives them some element of control-a way of saving face-because we have to do so many invasive procedures and see them in their birthday suits. It's a way of feeling they still have something to contribute- a way of giving back. Odds are- I am tired! The ratio is too high. The demands on the job overwhelming. It's nice that they take the time to show that they notice the toll it takes on us to care for them and others.
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    I'd share that you have a new baby, and it's a side effect of a screaming baby. Then internally remind yourself that it's actually a result of pointless call lights and running around like a ... nurse. I'd say marathon runner, but I'm pretty sure nurses run more.
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    I say " yeah I am tired. Scootch over and I'll join you for a nap".

    There is nothing wrong with admitting you are tired.
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    i am pretty pale and get puffy eyes and dark circles too. very noticiable . i use a variety of cosmetic products. some times it helps alot! other times barely and they do melt away before the shift is done and i never touch up at work.