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I have noticed that some other states are naming their hospitals and the starting salaries for each. Lets chime in Maryland!... Read More

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    Quote from WendyBensonRN
    I just got an offer today from a traveling nurse company that are placing nurses at University of Maryland Medical Center in Blatimore for a whole lot less than what you guys have posted here. The hourly rate was $22.85 an hour. Of course I turned down the job! Just an FYI.
    That is insane.

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    I am wondering if University of Maryland Medical Center offers a dependent tuition reimbursement benefit. Hopkins/Bayview does, not sure about other JH facilities. I've heard that they offer 100% for children of FT employees who go to UofMD school and 50% at other schools. Does anyone have a linke to this:
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    I am currently a (10+ yr) scrub tech, finishing up my nursing test very soon, I want to b a circulator nurse, are the employers going to consider my scrub tech experience for my pay?? since "offically" im a new nurse. but not new to the o.r. which is a big differnce. because i get paid more than a new grad would get paid as a scrub tech.

    btw im in MD
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    UMD no longer offers the dependent tuition benefit I believe. Howard County (part of the Hopkins system) does offer some type of tuition benefit to dependents but I don't know how much.
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    as a traveler you usually make less bc they pay you housing, so what you make is after expenses

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