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I have noticed that some other states are naming their hospitals and the starting salaries for each. Lets chime in Maryland!... Read More

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    I am not sure who gave you this info, but I interviewed for a position several months ago at UMMC as a new grad and the base pay was lower than that....unless you get more for having a BSN. But it was more in the 26$/range and then you have to pay for parking which is not cheap. I still probably would have taken it if they had offered, but the unit was actually very old and very few private rooms. They also were still doing paper charting but were supposed to be transitioning to EMR, which was very surprising since they have such a good reputation!
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    Jan 2016, new grad offers- RN
    Medstar Union Memorial: $25 plus differentials
    Davita Dialysis at Hopkins: $29 NO differentials
    University of MD Medical Center: $28.XX plus differential
    St. Joseph Medical Center: $25.65 plus differential
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    @sparky605 Any of these places open to hiring a new grad w/ only an ADN (with plans on starting BSN program in about a year)
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