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  1. Welcome to the New Doctoral Degrees Forum

    Me too! Same DNP / FNP :)
  2. George Washington University- FNP Fall 2017

    Hi there could I be added the FB page please ? thank you!
  3. assuming you were able to get licensed if so what was your wait time? thank you!
  4. Help FBI Fingerprints

    when you go to apply to boards just be totally honest and have all your documentation ready to submit, police reports, copies of dismissals and/or any cost or conditions met to present to the board. Because although you were an CNA and now an LPN for...
  5. Convictions

    make sure all your fees/dues were paid and taken care of and when you apply to the board be open about it and have all proof of fees paid, and copies of police report etc; have everything outlined with a table of contents and a letter, on top of all ...
  6. Anyone testing in June?

    So happy for you!!!! Enjoy your weekend :) YAY!!!!
  7. Anyone testing in June?

    This is great! YAY!
  8. Anyone testing in June?

    Yay!!!!! great job!
  9. Anyone testing in June?

    Same here I moved my date up; I think 3500-4000 questions with reading right and wrong rationales is enough lol! I'm doing UWorld and NCSBN. Good LUCK!!!!! keep us posted :)
  10. Stopped at 75 question. I'm almost sure I failed

    What was the result???
  11. New grads in float positions

    I accepted a position as a new grad float, nervous but excited about getting to know a ton of units. I was told that we had the option of staying on as a float after orientation or on one of those units as a permanent "home". Good luck!! I also take...
  12. Inova OR fellowship

    I will interviewing for a OR fellowship and would also be interested an any info anyone could provide!! Were you able to get any info on this?
  13. INOVA vs Virginia Medical Center

    Hi there. Did you ever get any more info. on this? I have the same question. And generally info between the two. Thank you!
  14. Pearson "trick" 2017 NCLEX RN

    How many questions did you get through? just curious - thank you.
  15. New Grad Virginia Hospital Center VHC

    Those are iPhone congrats emojis lol .^^^