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  1. sparky605

    Shift differentials

    I have a similar question, moving to S Florida from Baltimore. It looks like I will be taking a pay cut but cost of living is lower so it's basically the same. I have looked at several hospital websites but not seen any pay scale posted. The jobs don't state a specific number for compensation, which makes sense since several factors are taken into account to determine the wage.
  2. I have just shy of 2 years experience working as a nurse for a pediatric neuropsych inpatient unit in Baltimore, MD. I have my BSN. I am moving to Boca Raton or Delray Beach. Already have my FL license. I am thinking of moving into a more medical direction with my next job. I am just finishing up treatments for breast cancer now and want to explore infusion therapy or oncology. Will it be possible for me to get a job like this without prior experience? Is my personal cancer experience relevant and worth mentioning in a cover letter?
  3. sparky605

    Opinions on WGU RN to BSN program?

    I just finished the program and earned my BSN with WGU. I started January 1st. It took me exactly 6 months. I already had my statistics credit but had to take biochem. I am strong in the biological sciences and I got through the material and passed the exam in 6 days. It was a hard exam but you only need 63% to pass. This program worked well for me. I prefer to teach myself stuff and am pretty disciplined about completing my work. There are a lot of big papers and a self directed clinical component. My final paper was 25 pages, I also wrote a few 15-18 page papers. For me, this was the hardest part of the program. You can't beat the price and the flexibility. I got a $500 Phi Theta Kappa scholarship plus $2K from my employer and a $1K scholarship from a local organization. My out of pocket cost for my BSN was about $200. No regrets.
  4. sparky605

    WGU RN to BSN Grads/Current Students

    I'm in the program now, so far I have finished 32/39 credits in about 3.5 months. The beginning was really easy- history, humanities, biochem... all stuff I already know- just needed to review. Passed each in about a week. Some nursing classes were easy too like, Older Adult, Nutrition and Information Technology. The classes at the end of the program are difficult. I have written a ton of papers - some really big papers. Most about 10-12 pages, one was 16 pages, and I am currently writing one that is shaping up to be 20 pages long. It is very time consuming.I don't know if I will finish in 1 term but I am going to try- I have 12 weeks left. I am spending about 20 hours per week on school.
  5. sparky605

    WGU vs. UTA

    I did not look into UT but I am attending WGU for the RN to BSN program. I am loving the competency based program and I am accelerating through the the courses because I have a strong science/nursing background. There is a good chance that I will complete my BSN in 1 term. I need to earn 39 credits total. I am 6 weeks into term and should have 14/39 credits by this Friday. This program is great for self-motivated independent learners.
  6. sparky605

    Autism Nursing?

    I work on a pediatric neuropsych inpatient unit at a psychiatric hospital. About 75% of our patients are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The goal of admission is to stabilize these patients who are experiencing exacerbations of their condition, which often include aggression or self injury. The kids have a wide range of functionality. It is challenging and rewarding.
  7. sparky605

    Maryland Hospital Starting Salaries

    Jan 2016, new grad offers- RN Medstar Union Memorial: $25 plus differentials Davita Dialysis at Hopkins: $29 NO differentials University of MD Medical Center: $28.XX plus differential St. Joseph Medical Center: $25.65 plus differential
  8. sparky605

    Current 2014 new grad pay for Maryland hospitals

    January 2016 medstar union memorial $25/hr for new grads, differentials are around $3ish for eve/night/weekend that seems lower than Hopkins anyway you slice it.
  9. sparky605

    Pearson Trick

    I found out that I did pass, so for me, the Pearson Vue Trick worked. YMMV
  10. sparky605

    Pearson Trick

    I took the exam yesterday and tried the trick about 26 hours after my completion time. I got a message that said "...Another registration can be made at this time." Bhasse08 Please keep us updated. I'm wondering if you did pass, will you be able to get a refund. LTermnurse, sorry about your results. Have other people tried the trick and been charged $200 who actually passed the test?
  11. sparky605

    CNA disrespect?

    I am working as a CNA while finishing nursing school. I have always felt appreciated and respected by the nurses, doctors, and patients. I love the work I do and feel like I am learning a lot while making a positive difference for the patients. The only times I have felt disrespected was by other CNAs that I have been assigned to work with. The pay is terrible though.
  12. I have heard of people graduating with job offers in place. I am not sure how that works- but I would love to have a job by graduatuon. Do you just go in and apply for nursing jobs and say "I can't start until Jan. 1 because I need to graduate and take boards." I just don't see why they would hire me with such a big contingency hanging over my possible employment. Any words of wisdom in this area?
  13. sparky605

    Medstar health tuition assistance?

    Thanks so much- I actually got a pamphlet that says just that. Appreciate your help.
  14. sparky605

    Medstar health tuition assistance?

    Union Memorial or Franklin Square
  15. sparky605

    Medstar health tuition assistance?

    Can anyone tell me how this works for full-time RNs and what the conditions are? I am graduating from an ASN program this year and want to enroll immediately in a BSN program while I work. I have an interview at a Medstar hospital but am having trouble finding specifics on tuition benefits.
  16. sparky605


    If your patient asks you for a hug what do you say? Twice when I went to say good bye to my patients for the day they put their arms out for a hug. Truth is, I hugged them both. While it was happening I felt like, this is probably discouraged. Professionalism, infection control... (These were innocent type hug requests. I am a woman in my mid 40s and one patient was an elderly woman who I spent two days caring for one on one and the other was a brand new mom- I spent 8 hours immediate after delivery, caring for her and brand new baby.)