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bcandygurl has 3 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. Also, with very poor feeders...I would suggest feeding every other feed...unless they are showing cues in order to give them some rest..they normally do better with this method in my experience
  2. Hi..this assignment is doable but definitely busy. If all of them were due at 0800..I would have started at 0730..did one at at 0730..the next at 0800..and the one after that at 830...starting with the fastest feeder..on my unit we don't have to have weights until midnight so I can time things so linen, baths, and weights can be done before then. If anything, the bath and linen can wait.With an assigment like this I def wouldn't have fed the babies longer than 30 mins and would have gavaged the rest of the feed. Hope that helps. It definitely takes practice...and the longer you are in the NICU the more you will feel comfortable with determining what is a priority and what can wait..
  3. Hi everyone, I recently went for an interview for a per diem position in my specialty. I chose this specific hospital because it is the closest to my house. The hospital is very much similar to where I work now fulltime. I was interested in picking up a per diem job because of concerns in regards to cuts in hours when our census is low. I just discovered during the interview that they pay based on years of experience and they don't pay more for prn. This wouldn't be so bad, but the pay is slightly less than what I make at my fulltime job and requires 3 shifts a month, 1-weekend shift, 1 winter holiday, and 1 summer holiday. At this point, I'm not sure if it is worth it due to the low pay....please advise. Should I try and negotiate pay? They have a union fyi. And should i decline the offer should I mention specifics in regards to why? Thanks!!!!
  4. bcandygurl

    Mercy Medical Center

    Hey, are there any experienced nurses at Mercy Medical Center, who would recommend it? Is the pay competitive for the area? Thanks!
  5. bcandygurl

    Maryland Hospital Starting Salaries

    reimbursement not loan repayment..only Holy Cross Hospital offers loan repayment
  6. bcandygurl

    Current 2014 new grad pay for Maryland hospitals

    Do they still offer loan repayment at Holy Cross?
  7. bcandygurl

    Nurse Residency @ Children's National Medical Center

    They only accept bsn
  8. bcandygurl

    university of maryland rn - bsn

    I would call them with your concerns.
  9. bcandygurl

    UMSON RN-to-BSN Fall 2016

    It depends. What is your prequisite GPA? TEAS score? Do you currently work in healthcare? Do you do volunteer work? I would look í ½í±€ at the other post to compare stats. I had a previous bachelors when I applied. A really good TEAS score, and I had worked in healthcare doing research for 4 yrs before I applied. My GPA was also above a 3.5.
  10. bcandygurl

    How often are your line changes?

    Same here. " We change TPN and lipids every 24 hours. All other fluids we change every 96 hours. "
  11. bcandygurl

    UMSON RN-to-BSN Fall 2016

    Yes they are manageable. I plan my work schedule around test and assignments. I take two classes per semester. I'm hoping I won't have any scheduling issues with the public health class which requires 90 hrs of field work.
  12. bcandygurl

    UMSON Spring 2014 RN to BSN Program

    Yes @rubyagnes
  13. bcandygurl

    UMSON RN-to-BSN Fall 2016

    Hey I'm currently in the program. I only have three more classes to go !!
  14. bcandygurl

    Nurse Residency @ Children's National Medical Center

    Hey Erin, If you accept the job offer, please keep in touch. I currently work in the NICU at a hospital in MD, and I'm considering joining the NICU team at CNMC in about a year or so. Would love to hear of your experience as you become acclimated to the unit. BY THE WAY, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WORKING IN THE NICU!!! Congrats!!
  15. Ok. Thanks I think I figured it out. Call Back you get paid time and half..and bonus you just get a lump sum and then time and half after you are have put in overtime.
  16. I have been asking around but no one has been able to give me a clear answer. From my current understanding, I thought call back was when you were on call and you were called back.you get a certain amount of money while you on call and then you get paid time and a half when you do have to come in...however, how does that work when you know you need to come in because they are short?