How much do CNA / Techs make?

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    I'm thinking about quitting my current desk job once I complete Fundamentals and work as a CNA or tech but I was curious what my pay cut would be. I really want to try to get in GBMC as a tech, that's my goal anyway.
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    From my knowledge they make around 7-8 dollars an hr. starting or 9-10 dollars depending on where you go. But don't take my word for it. I was trying to get into one of those programs with the hospitals or nursing homes. Dying to be a nurse one way or another. LOL
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    At St Mary's Hospital in Southern Maryland they start at $12/hr but will get more depend on the shift. I think in Baltimore Area should make more.
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    Wow, I really hope it's not 7-8 that would be a huge pay cut for me. I was thinking around 12 which is bad enough maybe I'll just keep the desk job and pick up a part time tech job when we're on break from school. Has anyone worked at tech part time after Fundamentals?
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    I was thinking more like $12 also. I guess it depends on your situation because it is great if you can get hired on a unit and work there as a nurse when you graduate but I wasn't ever interested in taking a pay cut.
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    I work as a student nurse tech at GBMC and make $12/hour. Sheppard Pratt pays $11/hour + differential for a "mental health worker" which is similar to a CNA position. Hope this helps! GBMC is a great place to work!
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    What area/specialty do you work in at GBMC? What do you like/dislike about it?
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    wow. I thought Maryland paid more than PA but it looks like i'm wrong. Students here make $14 to $16 on average. Some make more. Techs at my current hospital are started t $18 bucks. That's a little more than i make as an extern there but the thing is they do blood draws, i don't so that could be why.
    I think $12 is good but $7 isn't worth my energy.
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    Quote from MZTwin

    What area/specialty do you work in at GBMC? What do you like/dislike about it?
    I work in Sherwood Surgical Center, which is the outpatient/same day surgery unit. I work in PACU and sometimes in holding. I love it because all the nurses are really supportive and they've all got each others backs. I think they're all honestly at least 20 years older than me and some are talking about retiring in the forseeable future, so the age gap is a little weird for me to adjust to sometimes (I'm almost 21). I'm not sure I dislike anything about it or the hospital.

    I'm also working at Sheppard Pratt (right next to GBMC) as a mental health worker, which pays $11/hour but the job is pretty different compared to a medical nursing type job. Let me know if you need any more info.
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    Where did u guys get your CNA training? About how long does it take? Cost? I am not yet in a Nursing program, haven't even started pre-reqs, however I am trying to map out my game plan. I currently work full time and was considering trying to get a job in a hospital to familarize myself with the enviorment etc. Is that a smart decision? Any others suggestions on jobs while beginning the journey, lol?


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