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  1. williams3929

    Any Coppin Students Out There

    I am sorry to hear that they have made a lot of changes just recently and one of my other classmates that already a sophmore said along with them changing program of class they are now offering class every semester. But as u no things are always said at coppin but I thought I would tell you that to give u a little glimmer of hope. I hope things work out for you.
  2. williams3929

    Any Coppin Students Out There

    I just wanted to know if there were any coppin students on this board. I see all the other MD schools except Coppin. If there are what year are u in the program? Did u just get in? Are u happy at Coppin? Just want to know!
  3. williams3929

    Nurse tech pay?

    That's great to know that's my dream hospital:heartbeat Lol
  4. williams3929

    I go to ITT-Tech...

    http://www.fastweb.com/college-search/articles/2217-do-your-homework-before-choosing-for-profit-career-college?page=1 And this one is from fastweb.com a free services that provides information on scholarships and college info for prospective and current students. Hope this helps!!!
  5. williams3929

    I go to ITT-Tech...

    This is something else I found: "Most community colleges are operated either by special districts that draw property tax revenue from the local community, as a division of a state university, or as a sister institution within a state-wide higher education system. In all cases, community colleges are governed by a board of trustees, appointed by the state governor or elected from the community. Depending on the operational system, the board of trustees may directly govern the college or may govern the college through a university or system-level office. Depending upon the locus of control, the board may or may not be subject to control by a state agency that supervises all community college districts or all higher education institutions within the state. The board of trustees selects a president or chancellor of the community college to serve as the chief executive officer and lead the faculty and staff. How the board is chosen. Examine Wisconsin system Generic org chart Variety of structures Property tax- how does board work as a taxing body." Wikipedia
  6. williams3929

    I go to ITT-Tech...

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38598344/ns/business-your_retirement/ This is an article from a reputable source that states that community colleges all over the nation are struggling just to keep the doors open and that they depend on federal funds to stay afloat just hoping that this will quell some of the animosity on this forum.
  7. williams3929

    I go to ITT-Tech...

    I hope to not bump heads with anyone. I do not go to a "for profit" school. I think that the people who are against for profit schools are just trying to advise to save someone not necessarily the op but someone who maybe pursuing the forum a little time, money and undue anguish. Personally i live in MD and the hospitals here are phasing out ADN nurses for BSNs and the nurses who currently ADN are given a time frame to achieve their BSn in order to keep their job and no for profit schools are accredited in MD at least not RN(they have MA & CNA that can get licensed). So the for profit grads would be at a disadvantage. Those credits are nontransferable at all schools here so it would be like starting from scratch even if you were to do the RN to BSN because you would have to take everything as if you were a freshman. Again I am not trying to step on any toes I just happen to see what they are trying to say.
  8. williams3929

    How many semesters of nursing classes do you have?

    I have 6 semesters left!
  9. williams3929

    5 week classes

    I asked because if u r really feeling insecure about attempting the class it would good for u to have some type of support. but like I told another person investigate the instructor of the A & P summer class. talk to other student find out the teaching style and if instructor has an open door meaning u can go to them for help or narrowing down your focus. suprisingly some intructors even give points for that.
  10. williams3929

    A&P II in 4 weeks?

    Investigste....find out who's teaching it, find someones who has taken that instructor b4 as to get insight into his teaching style you would be surprised to find that it might not be as scary as u think a summer class is. I was intimidated by summer classes as well but I investigated I found out who the instructor was spoke with them during the current semester to find out how accesible they were over the summer semester. I talked other students who previously had this instructor and found out that the professor was really good and didnt overwhelm. Or another option could be finding another section that has a longer class time and if it is not at ur current school see if ur school gives the ok to take it somewhere else. Sorry so long but I felt the same way last summer and ended up getting all A's and now I am taking micro this summer. Good Luck
  11. williams3929

    5 week classes

    Does your school offer tutoring over the summer semester or are u taking the class with someone you know or taken a class with before?
  12. williams3929

    Nursing Books

    I have this book just got it awsome read.... I take my 1st fundamentals course this fall and I feel like I have a great head start.
  13. williams3929

    I go to ITT-Tech...

    Back at you!!!
  14. williams3929

    Maryland Hospital Starting Salaries

    With the traveling nurse company would the hospital be paying your or the agency?
  15. williams3929

    I go to ITT-Tech...

    So did I ..... BTW I attend a BSN program in MD at a state university.