I lol at the stud who quit because he had to empty a bedpan... - page 3

Had to share...there are (were) 4 guys in my class of 30. We have already had 10 people drop out after they found out exactly how much was involved with class and clinicals. If that wasn't bad enough, within an hour of... Read More

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    This is too funny only because he sounded like a pompus a**. Nursing is not for everyone. I myself am a little concerned about getting through the program, but I am hoping all goes well.

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    For the poster... I too served two tours and have served for 8years. There are still things that gross me out. Stop making excuses and own up to the comment you posted. )
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    LOL @ thank you nursing gods.

    During the summer semester I found myself SOOO frustrated with some of the ladies in my classes (who all have 3 full semesters left) talking about their CNA jobs. They would say they left the woman on the toilet because they knew she'd have to go again in 30 minutes or say things to the affect of "I shouldn't be doing CNA work anymore, I'm ready to be an RN." or "I don't want to do CNA skills at clinical." Personally, even if I felt that way, I would keep it a secret--especially in my nursing classroom, you never who is listening and it just sounds really snotty and almost elitist.
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    I would have probably coached him through it, but I must say-I wish I was a fly on the wall! Lol!
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    wiseman says: buy book of quitter for discount...sell on amazon for profit.
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    I found this hilarious!! And I think you were spot on that we've got some "humor impaired" people. If he couldn't handle that, it's best he go find another profession now. I'd have died laughing and pointed to the exit so he didn't get lost on his way out.
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    I don't think I necessarily quite fit the description of this guy, other than I work out like it's a religion, but I find your description of him a bit... I don't know, insulting to an extent. What's wrong with being great looking and built? What are you, scrawny and ugly and therefore better? lol

    It's sad to hear that he wasted his time and resources pursuing something only to quit over something so simple. I'm not sure why you have so much contempt for the guy?

    Had to lol @ the two war veteran card being played so quickly... I hope you were infantry.
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    Oh, gee whiz!
    The OP admitted to a little contempt and jealousy...
    Now, how about giving him credit for being honest?

    However, I would work on holding it together until I left the pt's room.
    Now that is an art in and of itself.
    I cannot tell you how many times we have been just bursting behind our poker faces, only to just collapse out in the hall.
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    I like the code brown comment lol! During clinicals for CnA program I actually handled those code browns pretty well I must say.
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    I to found your comments about this guy to be pretty judgmental.... I workout daily, am pretty self confident, and take a lot of pride in my health and appearance. I have also held my patients hand while they died, cried with their family members, and poured my soul into nursing. I feel like you already had preconceived ideas about this guy just because he was good looking... And why would you be happy that someone failed in a clinical setting??
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