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  1. SoHappyToBeRN

    Feeling insecure at times

    So I've been a pacu nurse the whole 5 years of my career, started in an outpatient surgery center and moved into a smaller community hospital and now I'm in a larger hospital pacu. I struggle wth working along side other nurses who have 20+ years of critical care experience. They are all amazing and I have never been in a position where I felt like I was totally in over my head. Pacu is awesome at having supportive staff right there when you need them. However I just have this occasional nagging feeling that I'm less than when compared to my coworkers. At his point in my career I love pacu though and moving to another unit, where I would have to work full time nights to start doesn't work with my family situation. (My husband works graves). Any thoughts would be appreciated.... maybe things people have done to get over such a hump? Is this just a normal feeling when you start to realize there is always so much to learn in nursing? Thanks so much for reading!