darn shaky hands

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    well... i kinda shake a little (not an alcky lol) but my hands kind of shake a litle when i spread them in the air, but when i am painting or drawing i am pretty steady and when i was doing finger pricks and dissections i was very precise and dont shake when i am doing something but my teacher kinda poped her eyes when she saw my hands shaking.... i told her that i was precise she went like humpf!

    now i am wondering is this going to give me trouble... ? (then again, my hands are steady and precise, just when i hold them flat on mid air they sorta shake!)

    what is up with that?

    i am sort of worried!

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    It may be a little bit of a problem at first...but HEY, who isn't shakey when doing things for the first time, second time, third time? As with most things in nursing, precision takes time. Starting an IV, NG, UC...I mean nobody is going to do it perfect and care-free at first. As you stated about your hands being steady when you write/draw...you didn't just start writting/drawing, did you? Of course not, you've had practice and are a pro at it.

    So, take your time and anything is possible. Practice helps.
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    Good lord...i was shaky as all get out when doing skills in the lab or on the floor with an instructor....
    Now, I don't even notice....because I know i KNOW what I'm doing...it's a good time.
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    Before skills labs....
    1)Lay off the coffee
    2)Eat a good meal (a Mars bar is not a good meal)

    During skills labs
    1) Learn to anchor your working hand (ie rest it or support it to stop the shaking)
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    I echo AirforceRN, especially on the caffeine. I have a familial tremor thats always there as far as I can tell. If I do a decent job of getting enough sleep and laying off the caffeine AND KNOW MY STUFF INSIDE OUT going into skills lab for check off, I shake a lot less. when I dont do a decent job on all of those controllable factors, I quiver. It is not fun.

    I mentioned the shake to my MedSurg proctor at the end of my prior clinical cycle and she looked at me and said 'well most people shake, especially when doing something new'.

    progress not perfection
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    Ditto that.

    We just did our NG tube insertion skill. You should have seen my very (un)steady, tremulous dominant hand... if I'd asked someone to follow the tip of the tube with their eyes, they'd have been blinded by all the activity!

    It happens. But do pay attention to the caffeine intake.
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    I still shake huge and I have been an ER nurse for 2 years. it is just a part of who I am. Am able to start IV's on the big and small, but the shaking really has nothing to do with nerves or caffeine. Just has to do with who I am and how God and Jesus made me. Have never had a problem with it, but the other day started and IV on a woman in SVT and she asked me if i was nervous for her told her no I just shake>>>>>>>
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    You know what? All the posts are great and that is what keeps me coming back. God Bless you all and may all of your hearts remain pure and good.
    Kudos to all.

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    I had to laugh at this post..cause I share your "darn shaky hands" problem. My hands have always been far from steady...and being skinny, high blood blood pressure doesnt help..and doing anything new with hands is always ingredient for shaky hands. First time i gave a shot was with a family mem.. preping and mixing solution made my hand shake like crazy..but now its old news and am steady as i can be. Just takes confidence and practice...with practice comes confidence...but hang in there, im sure your further in course then me....i havent even done injections yet...eek lol
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    LOL! I remember the first sterile procedure I attempted. My hands were so shaky I went through 3 pairs of gloves. The lady who's' port I was flushing looked up at me and said, "there's a flask of vodka in the nightstand if you think that will help." Nothing like humor to calm the nerves.
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