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  1. Nursing Officers in the Canadian Forces

    dpcRN, I received your your pm...I'm in the middle of a course right now but I'll get something off to you in the next day or two. NewtoOR...are you at VGH? We have a pretty small unit there but I may know somebody that still works there. I take it b...
  2. Nursing Officers in the Canadian Forces

    You'll have to go through the Basic Nursing Officer Course (BNOC) where you are introduced to the military medical system and how everything works, as well as the Basic Field Health Services Course (BFHSC) where you learn to work in the field. These...
  3. Nursing Officers in the Canadian Forces

    Hey dpcRN...I'm sure there was a question in there somewhere :) the past (before Afghanistan) there were many nursing officers that spent years and years behind a desk and never saw a patient. They did administration stuff, operati...
  4. Nursing Officers in the Canadian Forces

    Hi dpcRN! Sorry it took so long to answer this. I still cruise these forums but don't post nearly as much as I used to. Also, although I'm not overseas anymore, I still seem to be constantly roaming about and internet access isn't always stellar. Any...
  5. Canadian Forces

    Fiona's got it, families stay at home while the members go to train. Is this hard on everyone involved? Yes...very much so, especially when training is 6 months or more. There are financial add ons offered to these members to help make things easier ...
  6. Canadian Forces

    No problem. Best of luck with nursing school!
  7. Canadian Forces

    What happens during the summer varies with what opportunities are available. In my case (I joined after my first year so it was only 3 summers) I did the first half of basic training the first summer, the second half of basic training plus french lan...
  8. Canadian Forces

    Just to be clear, Officers are not required to be bilingual. To progress to Major or above you will have to have a second language "profile" but that doesn't mean you are bilingual (or even proficient in some cases). This applies to both ROTP and dir...
  9. Nursing conditions in Canada

    Agree with the't let the vents/whines/rants on this board dissuade or discourage you. If you get more than two people together who share an occupation you will get these things. Check out any board for mechanics, lawyers, cab drive...
  10. Nursing in the CF Reserves

    Hey Mac... I'll be honest with you, my knowledge of reserve nursing with the CF is very very limited. I have met few of them in my career and from what I can tell, they mostly work in their local civie hospitals and parade once a does seem...
  11. Military Nurses

    Hello d_n_r! The application process...though lengthy is pretty simple and starts with going to your local recruiting centre and talking to the folks there. They have all the paper work you will need and will tell you how to get everything started. E...
  12. Military Nurses

    Hey Jenn...yes, if you want to be a Nursing officer you have to be an RN. The CF will pay for the training but you must be accepted to a recognized nursing school in Canada before you apply to the military. If you have more questions, feel free to as...
  13. Canadian Military RN info??

    Hey V3ron.", sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I just left Kandahar where my internet connection was less than stellar to say the least. Personally I think the CF would be interested IF you were to complete 3rd or 4th year at a university....
  14. Canadian Military RN info??

    Hi! When I was in your position I worked up until the week I actually signed the papers and was enrolled in the CF. Timings change frequently and until you have signed on the dotted line don't count anything for certain. As for further studies...the ...
  15. Tylenol IV

    I believe the Brits have been using IV acetaminophen for some time...I haven't used it before but anything that can decrease my suppository count can only be good in my books.