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  1. 0 Just curious if there are any other career changers? I am a former public school science teacher who has decided to pursue my original passion, which is nursing. I kick myself all the time because I started out as pre-med, then switched to nursing, and from there to math/science education.
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    Yup! ME! I have been in social services for 15 years but needed to either take my education to the next level (MSW) or change careers and I burnt myself out in this arena and have always wanted to be a nurse (why I didn't do it from the beginning I'll never know) and I finally have a job that I can be more flexible at so took the plunge!
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    I am a male nursing student as well and took the plunge after getting laid off from my job as an auto insurance claims handler. After being in the insurance field for 10 years I am excited and looking forward my new career. Can't wait!
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    Quote from Brian_G
    I am a male nursing student as well and took the plunge after getting laid off from my job as an auto insurance claims handler. After being in the insurance field for 10 years I am excited and looking forward my new career. Can't wait!
    I came from a claims background myself (Farmers). I quit in 2010 because I was tired of playing "the game" (BI side), finished my pre-reqs in 2011, got into an ABSN program after, graduated at the end of 2012, and just recently got a job an RN position at a local county hospital.

    Quitting and changing careers was one if the best decisions I've ever made.
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    My sad but true advice is to NOT go into nursing.

    I was an engineer for over 20 years, and saw my last two jobs basically shipped to Mexico. I went back to school to study nursing, partially because I liked it, and partially because of the supposed job security and demand for nurses.

    Well, there IS no demand for nurses these days - at least not for new nurses. Every hospital wants 1-2 years experience, but none are willing to GIVE you that experience. The only RN positions are ones that can be filled by an RN or an LPN, in long term care.

    In my last position in LTC, I had responsibility for 35 patients. I called it "McNursing", because there is no way to provide quality nursing care for that many patients.

    I didn't go to nursing school for this. My time in nursing school seems to have been a waste.
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    Dewman have you every considered relocation, two local hospitals near me have 23 new grad openings right now, I just checked, BHSI and SJHC.
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    I spent 14 years in finance (investments) and had a highly secured career with good benefits and pay. But it was never a good fit for me and I couldn't see myself in it when I'm in my 40s and 50s. I got my CNA last month and will start nursing school in January.
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    Really? Where are you? And what is BHSI and SJHC?
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    Was in sports medicine for 4 years, started nursing school in 07 for associates, bridged to BSN the next semester, had an NP program interview today. Been a nurse 4 years.
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    I've been a Florida correctional officer for 6 years, was a musician with various day jobs before that (not like someone takes away your "musician card" if you stop playing out though) and am starting RN school in 2 months. My end goal is a MSN or DNP in family practice (depending on the whole DNP requirement issue by the time it becomes personally relevant) but that's several years in the future so I am just focused on getting through the ADN phase at the moment. I wish I would have gone into it ten years ago (I am 29) but you know what they say about hindsight... I am just thankful for the opportunity to do something I really care about that doesn't require the prostitution of artistic expression.
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    I used to work in biotech and am now applying to entry level NP programs. As someone who's still young, single, with no commitments (gf, kids, etc), things won't be so bad. What you have to realize is there IS a nationwide nursing shortage. Plenty of places are saturated with nurses that can't find jobs as they are high paid regions with highly qualified and experienced nurses. If you are willing to go to where the jobs are to gain your experience before moving to your dream location, you shouldn't have any problems!
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    I worked in the surf industry. I worked for lost clothing and Billabong at different times in the past 6 years. Ive owned a surf school and managed a surf shop in the past as well. Im 28, and starting RN school in 2 months. What a huge and SMART career change! =)
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    I was a general contractor for many years. Lost it all with the big crash. I graduate in May 2014. Looking forward to a steady career.