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  1. iTyrizzle87

    AR C.N.A. to KS

    I am anticipating a move to Topeka, KS, within five months. I currently work as a C.N.A. and am wondering what the pay is like in Topeka for a C.N.A.? Any tips on decent LPN programs within a reasonable driving distance of Topeka would be appreciated.
  2. iTyrizzle87

    Anyone got accepted to Coto/Malvern's LPN program?

    Thank you for the information! I plan to attend in either January 2017 or May 2017. I am in the process of saving to pay my high ass car payment off 2 years early, and save some cash to help pay bills while in school.
  3. iTyrizzle87

    Anyone got accepted to Coto/Malvern's LPN program?

    Y'all will have to keep us posted on what the schedule is like. I plan to begin their January 2017 class, once I have the money saved up to pay for tuition.
  4. iTyrizzle87

    Arkansas to Houston

    I am currently a C.N.A. living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I really want to get out of this small city. I have been to Houston a few times for a retreat and fell in love with it. I just do not know how to go about getting a Texas C.N.A. license. I also would like to know what colleges are close to the 77068 area, specifically JC Jester Blvd of 1960. I currently pay $700 for a 2-bedroom, so something in that range would be great. Any information about hourly wages for CNA in a nursing home, hospital and assisted living would be appreciated. I want to gather as much information as possible in the hopes of making this a smooth transition as much as possible.
  5. iTyrizzle87

    Future Relocation

    I am presently in a practical nursing program located in Arkansas. Nursing is a second career for me--formerly a public school science teacher. I fell in love with the East coast when I went to Baltimore for a National Middle School Association convention. Any information regarding housing, colleges, and job market for LPNs would be very much appreciated.
  6. You're never too old, and it's never too late to chase a dream! I know a woman who is 60 and just finished her first year as a LPN/LVN. She's currently in a RN program that will also award her with an ADN upon completion of the program. I think of her when I begin to feel "old" or that it is taking too long. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Education (math/science) almost 3.5 years ago and currently work as a CNA. From science teacher to CNA, you think I am not ready for a change? I am now 27 and presently in a LPN/LVN program, in fact, the same one the previously mentioned lady graduated from. It's never too late to make a change. With a little bit of elbow grease, you'll get there. Do not forget about living your life to the fullest in the present moment though. Too often we are too far-sighted for our own good. P.S., as someone else mentioned before, I still feel like I'm 21, too. Age ain't nothin' but a number YOU'RE DOING JUST FINE, keep going!
  7. I have been a CNA for almost 3 years now, and after the first two nights at my first LTC care (11-7) position, I could then, and am now, yelling YES! The drama issue is quite annoying, to be honest. I left a career as a public school science teacher, and at times, it feels as if I am working with my teenage students again.
  8. iTyrizzle87

    Is it time to move on???

    I would say so! If you're looking to move on from CNA to an LPN/LVN, a job with flexibility is important. Especially considering that clinical hours usually begin earlier than lectures in the classroom.
  9. Oh ok. You'll love The Parc at Maumelle, they're a gated community right by a park with a lake, Lake Willastein. I think River Pointe Apts are nice, too. No, I have not worked at any of the hospitals. I am a former public school science teacher that is transitioning to a career in nursing. I'm gaining experience as a CNA right now, which I've had enough of it already, and should be starting practical nursing school in 6 weeks. Ummm, Baptist and St. Vincent are both good places to work. I do know that Baptist hires BSNs and certificates, whereas St. Vincent only hires BSNs. UAMS is a great hospital, everybody says it's the best. I love that they offer about 90% of tuition for their full-time employees, big perk.
  10. Maumelle is where you need to be! I currently live in Maumelle, and I've lived in both Little Rock and Conway--I graduated from UCA in Conway. There is no problem with traffic when commuting to Conway because all the traffic is headed to Little Rock. Needlessly to say, traffic gets backed-up in the morning-time going from Maumelle to Little Rock. FYI, there is one main road through Maumelle which has only two lanes going each direction. Now, where you want to live depends on your budget. Maumelle does not have a lot of people with low-incomes. It's primarily a city of middle-class & upper-class citizens who do not want to live in the big city. You don't ever hear about homicides, break-ins, and that sort of thing happening in Maumelle. It just doesn't happen. As far as apartments go, Fountain Bleu are beautiful apartments. If you give me an idea of what you'd like to pay, I can give you a list of communities to google.
  11. iTyrizzle87

    Nurse/Workplace Bullying Victim & Resignation

    I would simply put... To Whom It May Concern: Please accept this letter of resignation beginning [date] and ending on [date.] Best Regards, Xxxxx You do not owe them an explanation!
  12. iTyrizzle87

    Is being a CNA really so dreadful?

    Previous person said it all..overworked, underpaid and understaffed. As far as the work load is concerned, it really depends on which type of facility you work at. Now, this is coming from a former public school science teacher who is making the transition to nursing. Nursing homes will work you to death! They are great for the experience, learning how multi-task and get things right the first time, and gaining independence with your work. Assisted living facilities are much easier, the residents are able to do more for themselves. Home health is by-far the easiest job because, most of the time, you are taking care of one client. Good luck! I would suggest working at as many types of care facilities to broaden your knowledge, and then move onto a LPN/LVN and then RN license. CNA work is gratifying, but at the same time can be exhausting.
  13. iTyrizzle87

    UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2014

    Thank you very much for the wealth of information. I wasn't aware of the post bac money or 40 hour cap. I'm aware of those once a month info meetings at UALR, but I have yet to attend one. All I know, is that I have about 10k available in federal funding that I did not use up while working on my BSE at UCA. I've decided a practical nursing license would be the best option for me. I've got all the prereqs already under my belt, it's just 11 months long, and I'll be able to continue to work full-time. My plan is then go to UACCM for a RN license, and then jump right in to the MSN and PhD program at UAMS. Good look on your schooling. What a wonderful feeling I bet to finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. iTyrizzle87

    UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2014

    TiredKitten, How is it in UALR's program? I'm a former science teacher in the Little Rock School District who is changing careers. Right now, I am doing work as a CNA, and I am making preparations to attend PTC and obtain a practical nursing license. Like many other career-changers, seeking a BSN would require almost 4 years, and quite frankly, I'm tired of working two or more jobs as a CNA. Becoming a LPN first would allow me to jump right into the nursing field and get my feet wet, and consequently make more of an income compared to what I bring in now as a CNA. I thought about appyling for UALR's ADN program, but I thought it would be too much working 11-7 Monday through Friday while also in class. I could do it for a year maybe, but not two years. A side note for the other career changer, if you can get a RN license through BHSLR or UACCM, UAMS has a program specifically made for us with a BS in another field. We just need to get a RN license, take a couple prepreqs, and enter their MSN program. I personally think it's a waste of time and money to get an additional bachelor's degree. UAMS is the only school in the state that I am aware of that has this special track to a Master's of Science in Nursing available for folks like us.
  15. iTyrizzle87

    Practical Nursing Fall 2014 at PTC

    Just curious if anyone else is planning to apply to the practical nursing program at Pulaski Technical College this fall..