Private Trade School LPN-to-RN Program

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    Howdy! I recently passed the NET Test for a trade school LPN-to-RN bridge program that is due to start in January of next year, and my interview with the school's director is next week. My admission into the program will happen if it is meant to be. I'm approaching this situation cautiously, as this program is pricey. However, any money spent on tuition will be earned back within the first few months of employment as an RN

    In other words, I'm viewing this decision as a potential investment in human capital that, hopefully, will continue to increase in value as the years pass.
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    Thats exactly the way I rationalize my tuition. I plan to go to my schools sister school for LVN-RN as soon as I finish my LVN as possible Yes its pricey but so is waiting several years on a waiting list when I could be out earning.

    Good luck but I'm sure you'll be accepted.
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    Best of luck, Commuter. You will make a great RN! I hope things work out for you.
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    Yeah, Excelsior sure wouldn't work for you if you plan on returning to CA.
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    congratulations commuter ! Details Please .
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    Quote from calliesue
    congratulations commuter ! Details Please .
    There are 2 trade school RN programs in the Oklahoma City area, but none in the DFW area, which is where I live. Since the community college ADN programs are fiercely competitive in and around DFW, I decided to bite the bullet and try to get admitted into one of the 2 trade schools over the border in Oklahoma. It will only be a year of my time. Then again, this year is going to pass whether I do anything productive with it or not.
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    it sounds like you are taking the same route that i did, and let me tell you, i am so happy i have now completed the program! i was hesitant at first, because it is a lot of money, and i have a friend who decided to do the lvn-bsn program instead, saying it would only take her 3 years to complete the program. i would "only" have an adn at the end of my program. well, here we are, less than a year later, i now have my adn, license in hand, and my friend still has 3 years to go! (she said she's not as motivated to complete the program as she hoped she would be!) at my new job, i will be making about $15/hour more than she does, so i figure that will pay that tuition loan off quickly! no regrets here!

    good luck!!!
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    Good Luck! I also chose to attend a more expensive school in order to bypass the competiveness of the cheaper schools. Thankfully, the starting salary in NYC is high.
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    congrats to you chica. I vote that it will be worth it
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    Good luck, Commuter! I'm glad you're doing this. You need to get paid what you're worth, and you're worth a lot.

    I'm sure you'll have no trouble making it through the program.
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